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Friends of Global Change Ecology e.V.

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Friends of Global Change Ecology e.V.

Welcome to our official website

Friends of GCE is an association for current students, alumni, and associates of the study program, M.Sc. Global Change Ecology. The aim is to connect the far-reaching network of people who have been involved in this international study program.

On this webpage you will find information regarding upcoming events, mentorship program opportunities, contact information and more!


This organization is continously shaped by its members, so if you haven't done so yet,  please sign up to become a member. We invite everyone, no matter if you are a current student, an alumni from the very first batch, a retired professor or a friend of a friend of .... Go to "Become A Member" to get the details!


We are also organizing events on a continuous basis. So please drop by and take part in such. The more people interested, the more active we can be! Check out "News" & "What we do" for further information.


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