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Friends of Global Change Ecology e.V.

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FroG Working Groups

These groups are mini-task forces set up for specific goals. Its a great way to get involved in the association!

  • Events & Outreach
    • We are looking for folks who would like to create and facilitate future outreach events, such as Fireside evenings, networking, and more. These events are crucial for building connections and creating an active alumni network! There is lots of room for creativity and input through this working group.
  • Financial Support
    • This position is meant to provide support to our Treasurer. You would be assisting in the management of funds and yearly membership fees as well as have the chance to come up with new avenues of fund raising! Important work for the functioning of our association.
  •  Data Policy Officer
    • We are searching for a Data Policy Officer! The topic of data protection and internet security is currently very up-to-date and we take it very seriously - we demand from others to keep our data safe, so we want the same. Nevertheless, we (the current board) are no experts and our capacities are limited! So if you could imagine working with the topic and helping us out a bit here, this would be amazing ->Consider it, shoot us an email, and become part of the team!
  •  Social Media
    • We would like to create some FroG presence on social media- Facebook, Instagram, blog or twitter. We are seeking a social media-savvy person (or people) to establish and maintain our social media presence! This working group has a ton of flexibility and room for creativity. Its key for the visibility of our organization and a great way for people to follow our activity.

Please send us an email at friends-of-gce@uni-bayreuth.de if you are interested in participating in any of these working groups! We warmly welcome you to bring your own ideas to these groups.


We are also searching for new board members - so if you want to shape our organization now from the very beginning -> Consider it, shoot us an email, and become part of the team!

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