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Křemenová, J; Bartonička, T; Balvín, O; Massino, C; Reinhardt, K; Sasínková, M; Weig, A R; Otti, O: Male diet affects female fitness and sperm competition in humanand bat‑associated lineages of the common bedbug, Cimex lectularius, Scientific Reports, 11(1), 15538 (2021), doi:10.1038/s41598-021-94622-6
Müller, JT; van Veen, H; Bartylla, MM; Akman, M; Pedersen, O; Sun, P; Schuurink, RC; Takeuchi, J; Todoroki, Y; Weig, A R; Sasidharan, R; Mustroph, A: Keeping the shoot above water – submergence triggers antithetical growth responses in stems and petioles of watercress (Nasturtium officinale), New Phytologist, 229(1), 140-155 (2021), doi:10.1111/nph.16350 -- Details
Guhr, A; Weig, A: Assessment of prokaryote to eukaryote ratios in environmental samples by SSU rDNA length polymorphism, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, 113(2), 175–183 (2020), doi:10.1007/s10482-019-01327-y -- Details
Dinh, MV; Guhr, A; Weig, A R; Matzner, E: Drying and rewetting of forest floors: Dynamics of soluble phosphorus, microbial biomass-phosphorus and microbial communities, Biology and Fertility of soils, 54(761-768) (2018), doi:10.1007/s00374-018-1300-y -- Details
El Sayed, A; Weig, A; Sariyeva, G; Hummel, E; Shih-Long, Y; Bertolini, A; Komor, E: Assimilate export inhibition in Sugarcane yellow leaf virus-infected sugarcane is not due to less transcripts for sucrose transporters and sucrose-phosphate synthase or to callose deposition in sieve plates., Plant Pathology(81), 64-73 (2013)
Peršoh, D; Weig, A; Rambold, G: A transcriptome-targeting EcoChip for assessing functional mycodiversity, Microarrays, 1, 25–41 (2012), doi:10.3390/microarrays1010025 -- Details
Komor, E; Orlich, G; Weig, A R; Köckenberger, W: Phloem loading - not metaphysical, only complex: towards a unified model of phloem loading, J. Experimental Botany, 47, 1155-1164 (1996) -- Details
Weig, A R; Komor, E: An active sucrose carrier (SCR1) that is predominantly expressed in the seedling of Ricinus communis L., Journal of Plant Physiology, 147, 685-690 (1996) -- Details
Weig, A R; Komor, E: Isolation of a class II metallothionein cDNA (Accession No. L 02306) from Ricinus communis L, Plant Physiology, 109, 721-722 (1995)
Weig, A R; Franz, J; Sauer, N; Komor, E: Isolation of a family of cDNA clones from Ricinus communis L. with close homology to the hexose carriers, Journal of Plant Physiology, 143, 178 -183 (1994) -- Details
Weig, A R; Komor, E: The lipid-transfer protein C of Ricinus communis L.: Isolation of two cDNA sequences which are strongly and exclusiveley expressed in cotyledons after germination, Planta, 187, 367-371 (1992) -- Details
Sonstige Publikationen
Bäumler, J; Riber, W; Klecker, M; Müller, L; Dissmeyer, N; Weig, A R; Mustroph, A: AtERF#111/ABR1 is a transcriptional activator involved in the wounding response, The Plant Journal, 100(5), 969-990 (2019), doi:10.1111/tpj.14490 -- Details
Kis-Papo, T; Weig, A; Riley, R; Peršoh, D; Salamov, A; Sun, H; Lipzen, A; Wasser, SP; Rambold, G; Grigoriev, I; Nevo, E: Genomic adaptations of the Halophilic Dead Sea filamentous fungus Eurotium rubrum, Nature Communications (2014)
El Sayed, A; Weig, A; Komor, E: Molecular characterization of Hawaiian Sugarcane yellow leaf virus genotypes and their phylogenetic relationship to strains from other sugarcane-growing countries, Eur. J. Plant Pathology, 129, 399-412 (2011)
El Sayed, A; Weig, A R; Komor, E: Molecular characterization of Hawaiian Sugarcane yellow leaf virus genotypes and their phylogenetic relationship to strains from other sugarcane-growing countries., Eur. J. Plant Pathology(129), 399-412 (2011)
Daniels, MJ; Weig, A R; Maurel, C; Chrispeels, MJ: PIPs and TIPs, aquaporins of the plasma membrane and the tonoplast, Molecular Biology of the Cell, 6, 304-304 (1995)
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