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Work Program

The work program consists of five work packages (WPs, Fig. 4) with specific contributions of the different subprojects (SPs, Fig. 5), conducted at different spatial and temporal scales to investigate the effects of rhizosphere traits on yield resistance and resilience to drought. The WPs include joint laboratory and field studies, statistical approaches and biogeochemical modeling and upscaling. Lab and field experiments will allow measuring rhizosphere traits and linking them to functions (WP1, WP2). The dependence of yield on varieties with distinct rhizosphere traits under drought will be investigated in the field (WP3). Historic records will be used to identify old varieties with high resilience of yield to drought (WP4). The obtained data will be used to further develop a biogeochemical model to predict impacts of improved rhizosphere traits and functions on yields under current and future climates with higher frequency and intensity of extreme weather conditions (WP5).

Figure 4: Overview of the work packages (WPs) applied to reach the project aim.


Figure 5: Overview of the work packages (WPs) and the specific contributions of the different subprojects (SPs)



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