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Logistics at the Haean Basin Intensive Field Site


The TERRECO project has established a base of operations within the Haean Catchment to support field research activities of the individual doctoral dissertation projects and cooperation between UBT and Korean universities. Lodging is provided by the long-term rental of the so-called “TERRECO-House”, a property of the family Chong who operate the local filling station. At peak times during the summer, more than 15 persons may be on site, carrying out field investigations. As the TERRECO population expands, additional housing is obtained at the Yellow Soil Guest House run by the family Kwon. Also at this location, a field laboratory room for assembly and storage of instrumentation is located in an adjacent building. Additional space for field study preparations and for informal meetings and barbecues is available in a greenhouse, one of many that play an important role during spring in raising seedlings for out-planting. Wireless internet access is available at all of these locations.


The village of Haean-Myun and the Agriculture Technology Center of Yanggu are developing an agricultural experimental farm within the catchment. The purposes of this experimental station are to evaluate various new crops for commercial planting within the basin, and to promote the cultivation of fruit crops as well organic farming. The latter activities relate to the need to control erosion during the summer monsoon period. New crops include mountain plant species that have favorable characteristics as food items or in decorative value. Additionally, herbs and medicinal plants are being examined. The experimental farm attempts to increase availability of favorable material by multiplying seed and individual plants through tissue culture.


The Haean-Myun/ATC Yanggu experimental farm is an important partner in the TERRECO project. Facilities are provided to the project for holding seminars and meetings as well as for processing and drying of plant materials. Common interests in sustainable resource use are facilitated by the exchange of climate, production and soils data for the Haean Catchment.



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