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Lecture/Exercise course: Economic Analysis of Environmental Problems (ENVIECON) ()

WS 2013/2014
2014-02-24-2014-02-28 (several days), Room to be identified

Trung Thanh Nguyen, Thomas Koellner


Economic Analysis of Environmental Problems (ENVIECON)


Lecturer: Dr. Trung Thanh Nguyen

Form: lecture and exercise

Date: 24.-28.02.2014 (24-27.02: lecture and exercise from 8h30 – 16h30, 28.02: homework)

Room: will be identified

Credit points: 2

Study programs: TERRECO PhD students, master students of Global Change Ecology (GCE), human geography, or related disciplines and those who are interested.

Required work: regular participation including exercise section

Exam: No exam


Registration for the course is required by sending an email to Dr. Thanh Nguyen, Professorship of Ecological Services: thanh.nguyen@uni-bayreuth.de before 01.02.2014.


Goal of the course:

The course is aimed at providing the participating students with a basic understanding on environmental economics and application of economic methods to analyze environmental problems. Some case studies in both developed (South Korea) and developing (Vietnam) countries will be introduced as the illustration and demonstration of the theories for the course. In addition, the use of economic software for econometrics (Stata), programing (GAMS), and efficiency evaluation (DEAP) is guided via environmental economic exercises.     

Course Content

24.02.: Economics and Environment: Introduction, environmental economic theories 

25.02.: Economic Methods for Environmental Problems (morning lecture and afternoon exercise – economic programing with GAMS)

26.02.: Economic Methods for Environmental Problems (morning lecture and afternoon exercise – economic programing with GAMS)

27.02.:  Vietnamese and Korean case studies and exercise (econometrics with Stata, efficiency evaluation with DEAP), Summing up and questions

28.02.: Students are free to complete homework

Software required for exercise: free version of GAMS (for modelling), Stata (for econometrics), and DEAP (for efficiency evaluation), personal laptops with internet connection are needed.



Suggested Books

1Mankiw (2006). Principles of Economics, 4th Edition. South-Western College Pub

2Hussen (2000), Principle of Environmental Economics: Economics, Ecology and Public Policy. Taylor & Francis

3Costanza et al., (1997). An Introduction to Ecological Economics. CRC Press

4Pearce and Turner (1990). Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment. The John Hopkin University Press

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