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Bernd Huwe: Projects

  • Fate and toxicity of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) in the soil and aquatic systems of Soyang Lake Watershed (TERRECO WP 2-11)
    Jong Yol Park, Bernd Huwe [Details]

  • Pharmaceutical Transport in Agricultural Soils (TERRECO Cluster A-06)
    Jong Yol Park, Bernd Huwe, Stefan Peiffer, Yong Sik Ok, John Tenhunen [Details]

  • LandClim Forest Production and Water Use Model (TERRECO Cluster F-01)
    Kwanghun Choi, Björn Reineking, John Tenhunen, Bernd Huwe, Jong Hwan Lim [Details]

  • Landform Classification for Functional Upscaling (TERRECO Cluster F-03)
    Gwan Yong Jeong, Mareike Ließ, Bernd Huwe, Björn Reineking, Soo Jin Park [Details]

Completed Projects

  • Carbon and Nitrogen Turnover in Sediments of the Soyang Lake Reservoir (TERRECO Cluster H-03)
    Kiyong Kim, Stefan Peiffer, Klaus-Holger Knorr, Bomchul Kim, Bernd Huwe [Details]

  • Environmental Efficiency of Farming Production (TERRECO Cluster A-02)
    Ganga Ram Maharjan, John Tenhunen, Trung Thanh Nguyen, Bernd Huwe, Yong Sik Ok [Details]

  • Field Margin Biodiversity and Landscape Function (TERRECO Cluster A-03)
    Hamada Elsayed Ali, Björn Reineking, Bernd Huwe, John Tenhunen, Dowon Lee [Details]

  • Landscape level carbon and water balances and agricultural production in mountainous terrein of the Haean Basin, South Korea (TERRECO WP 3-03)
    Bora Lee, John Tenhunen, Hyojung Kwon, Bernd Huwe, Sinkyu Kang [Details]

  • SWAT & EROSION 3-D Modelling of Sediment and Nutrient Transport (TERRECO Cluster S-03)
    Sebastian Arnhold, Bernd Huwe [Details]

  • Spatial analysis of soil related environmental risks in the Soyang Lake Watershed (TERRECO Cluster F-02)
    Hannes Oeverdieck, Bernd Huwe, Mareike Ließ, Soo Jin Park [Details]

  • Hydrological response of subsurface stormflow through soil matrix and macropores on forested hillslopes (TERRECO WP 2-06)
    Kyongha Kim, Bernd Huwe [Details]

  • Land management, erosion, and sediment transport in a mountainous landscape (TERRECO WP 2-07)
    Sebastian Arnhold, Elisabeth Stöckler, Bruno Glaser, Bernd Huwe, Yong Sik Ok [Details]

  • Analysis and modeling of flow systems in soils under different topographic and land use conditions (TERRECO WP 2-10)
    Marianne Ruidisch, Camila Gaviria, Bernd Huwe, Stefan Peiffer, John Tenhunen [Details]