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The Role of TERRECO Field Sites

 P = Plot; LS = Landscape; R = Region

Research Activity




Field experimentation, examination of controls on  processes


Haean-Myun Catchment,

Eger Basin,

Joellanam-do Province

Definition of individual process driving variables, development of plot scale submodels, their testing, parameterization, and calibration of their climate sensitivities

Landscape modeling


Haean-Myun Catchment

Coupling of atmospheric, hydrological and biological processes in response to landscape level controls; up-scaling and “calibration” of process influences at landscape scale; exchange of algorithms among projects

Testing of landscape models with different patterns in land use


Monitored catchments of Soyang Lake watershed

Generalization of model algorithms, the building of potentials for regional scale simulations and scenario evaluations

Clarification of linkages between demography, political frameworks, and the valuation of eco-system services across scales

LS and R

Haean-Myun Catchment,

Soyang Lake watershed

Understanding different groups of water users, their attitude toward water as a “natural” resource versus an economic commodity, obtaining insight into decision making processes that influence land use

Scenario development for future climate conditions and altered land management

LS and R

Soyang Lake watershed

Generation of scenarios for future influences of climate and land use on water flows and ecosystem services. Inclusion of stakeholder attitudes in decision making that determine land use

Scenario evaluations

LS and R

Soyang Lake watershed;

Central Korea

Expression in common terms of the ecosystem services derived in complex terrain, evaluation of potentialtrade-offs related to alternative scenarios, and management recommendations


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