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Functional and Tropical Plant Ecology - Prof. Dr. Bettina Engelbrecht

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Marius Klotz

Marius Klotz

Doctoral student

At Functional and Tropical Plant Ecology until 10/2023
e-Mail: Marius.Klotz(at)uni-bayreuth.de

My research is about the ecological role of silicon availability on nutrients, herbivory and drought resistance. In the current project, I use tropical tree species to apply experimental approaches such as common garden experiments and feeding trials.  In my master thesis, I applied an experimental comparative approach to evaluate the ecological importance of silicon accumulation in species of temperate grassland under consideration of the phylogeny. My broader interests in ecology include community ecology, functional trait-based approaches and the role of evolutionary and historical aspects (e.g. phylogeny).  In my free time, I go rock climbing and enjoy the outdoors.

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