Time scales, scalar similarity and thermally-induced secondary circulations: Implications for the analysis of turbulent flux measurements and for the parameterisation of turbulent fluxes in atmospheric models

WP 4

From 01/2010

Principal Investigator: Thomas Foken
Staff: Doojdao Charuchittipan

  • How far can closure of the surface energy balance be achieved at larger temporal and spatial scales?
  • How far does scalar similarity between temperature and humidity hold, with respect to site and weather conditions and dependent on the height above ground?
  • How far might TIC, which are connected close to the surface with a non-measurable horizontal advection, be responsible for the energy balance non-closure in a heterogeneous landscape?
  • Under which conditions may boundary-layer models be used in a heterogeneous landscape?

Homepage: http://www.bayceer.uni-bayreuth.de/mm/en/forschung/proj/detail.php?id_obj=69180

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