Guggenberger, G; Kuzyakov, Y; Miehe, G; Wesche, K; Shi, P; Li, X; Xu, X; Becker, L; Hafner, S; Unteregelsbacher, S; Ingrisch, J; Shibistova, O: Human impact on soil organic carbon and nitrogen turnover in Kobresia pastures
Vortrag, 7th Sino-German Workshop on Tibetan Plateau Research, Hamburg: 03.03.2011 - 06.03.2011

The TP represents the world's largest connected alpine grassland, storing about 23% of the Chinese soil organic carbon stocks (Wang et al, 2001) Since millenia animal husbandry is the typical land use Grazing pressure fostered Kobresia pastures, investigating much of their photosynthates belowground During the last decades management measures are carried out, including temporal exclosure of lifestock

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