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Public Member Functions
BayEOSSimpleClient Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for BayEOSSimpleClient:

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($path, $name, $url, $pw='import', $user='import', $absolute_time=TRUE, $rm=TRUE, $gateway_version='1.9', $sleep_time=10)
 startSender ()
 stopSender ()
 stop ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BayEOSWriter
 __construct ($path, $max_chunk=5000, $max_time=60)
 save ($values, $origin='', $type=0x41, $offset=0, $ts=0)
 saveDataFrame ($values, $type=0x1, $offset=0, $ts=0)
 saveOriginDataFrame ($origin, $values, $type=0x1, $offset=0, $ts=0)
 saveOriginFrame ($origin, $frame, $ts=0)
 saveRoutedFrameRSSI ($MyId, $PanId, $rssi, $frame, $ts=0)
 saveMessage ($sting, $ts=0)
 saveErrorMessage ($sting, $ts=0)
 saveFrame ($frame, $ts=0)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 774 of file BayEOSGatewayClient.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct (   $path,
  $pw = 'import',
  $user = 'import',
  $absolute_time = TRUE,
  $rm = TRUE,
  $gateway_version = '1.9',
  $sleep_time = 10 

Constructor for a BayEOS-Sender

string$pathPath where BayEOSWriter puts files
string$nameSender name
string$urlGatewayURL e.g. http://<gateway>/gateway/frame/saveFlat
string$pwPassword on gateway
string$userUser on gateway
bool$absolute_timeif set to false, relative time is used (delay)
bool$rmIf set to false files are kept as .bak file in the BayEOSWriter directory
int$sleep_timesleep time of the sender when run as thread

Definition at line 795 of file BayEOSGatewayClient.php.

Member Function Documentation

startSender ( )

Definition at line 802 of file BayEOSGatewayClient.php.

stop ( )

Definition at line 836 of file BayEOSGatewayClient.php.

stopSender ( )

Definition at line 822 of file BayEOSGatewayClient.php.

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