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0339476 B: Vorhersage und Erklärung des Verhaltens und der Belastbarkeit von Ökosystemen unter veränderten Umweltbedingungen
From 01/1995 to 12/1997
Grant manager: Egbert Matzner
Contact person: Thomas Gollan
Supporting organization: German Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Technology (BMBF)

Projects in this grant

BITÖK-M 1 A Data Base for the Documentation of Water and Ion Budgets of Forest Ecosystems
Coworkers: Michael Hauhs
BITÖK-M 2 Biotic Growth Strategies and Abiotic Boundary Conditions
Coworkers: Alois Kastner-Maresch, Michael Hauhs
BITÖK-M 5 Physics of transport processes in undisturbed ecosystems
Coworkers: Holger Lange, Michael Hauhs
BITÖK-N 1 Role of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen Compounds (DON) in the Nitrogen Cycle of Forest Ecosystems
Coworkers: Beate Michalzik, Egbert Matzner
BITÖK-N 3 Aphids on Norway spruce and their potential role for C and N-fluxes in forest ecosystems
Coworkers: Beate Michalzik, Bernhard Stadler
BITÖK-N 4 Above ground uptake of nitrogen
Coworkers: Gerhard Gebauer, Jutta Lauf, Ernst-Detlef Schulze
BITÖK-N 5 Uptake of Ammonium and Nitrate in Forest Trees
Coworkers: Gerhard Gebauer, Christoph May, Gisela Schmidt, Ernst-Detlef Schulze
BITÖK-N 6 Competition and spreading characteristics of Calamagrostis villosa (CHAIX) J.F. GMEL. in the Western Fichtelgebirge
Coworkers: Heike Betz, Doris Koppisch, Ernst-Detlef Schulze
BITÖK-N 8 Micro lysimetry as a tool for studying soil solution chemistry in the vicinity of growing roots
Coworkers: Antje Dieffenbach, Axel Göttlein, Egbert Matzner
BITÖK-N 9.1 Effect of stem runoff and stem-runoff-affected soil on the turnover of nitrogen in beech stands - soil chemistry
Coworkers: Shih-Chieh Chang, Egbert Matzner
BITÖK-S 1 Concentrations and deposition of particulate and gaseous sulfur and nitrogen in the Fichtelgebirge
Coworkers: Jörg Gerchau, Otto Klemm, Klaus Peters, Reiner Eiden (1932-2018)
BITÖK-S 6 The role of SO4-Reduction and spatial Heterogeneity of Soil SO4 Pools for the Reversibility of Soil and Water Acidification
Coworkers: Christine Alewell, Claudia Jungnickel, Bernhard Manderscheid, Thomas Schweisser, Egbert Matzner
BITÖK-S 7 Effects of decreasing SO42-, Ca2+, and Mg2+ deposition on the cation exchange capacity and the base saturation of acid forest soils
Coworkers: Gunda Matschonat, Egbert Matzner
BITÖK-S 8 Contribution of Redoxchemical Processes to the Neutralization of Atmospheric Acidification in Small Watersheds, Frankenwald (Northeast-Bavaria)
Coworkers: Jörg Lindemann, Stefan Peiffer, Reimer Herrmann
BITÖK-S 9 Investigations concerning mechanisms and kinetics of the inorganic sulfur-bonding in acidified forest soils and identification of the solid-phases of sulfur
Coworkers: Stefan Peiffer
BITÖK-S10 Investigations of Sulfur Dynamics in the Aquifer
Coworkers: Michael Hauhs, Andreas Kolb, Gunnar Lischeid
BITÖK-S11 Ecosystem analysis by means of complexity theory
Coworkers: Holger Lange, Frank Wolf, Michael Hauhs
BITÖK-W 1 Evapotranspiration and CO2 gas exchange of the understory in forest ecosystems
Coworkers: Hans-Joachim Scharfenberg, Michael Wedler, Reiner Zimmermann, John Tenhunen
BITÖK-W 2 Exchange processes at the vegetation-atmosphere-interface: canopy transpiration and conductance as key variables in forests of different structure
Coworkers: Barbara Köstner, John Tenhunen
BITÖK-W 3 Development of physically-based models of forest gas exchange at the catchment scale
Coworkers: Wolfgang Faltin, Stefan Fleck, Ulrich Joss, Bertram Ostendorf, John Tenhunen
BITÖK-W 4 Characterization of Spatial Heterogeneity in Transpiration from Different Spruce Stands
Coworkers: Martina Alsheimer, John Tenhunen
BITÖK-W 5 Soil water availability effects on transpiration and canopy conductance of Pinus sylvestris
Coworkers: Barbara Köstner, Nils Sturm, John Tenhunen
BITÖK-W 7 Modelling the Water Budget in a Beech Forest (Water Budget Model)
Coworkers: Ralf Callenberg, Michael Hauhs
BITÖK-W10 Onestep-, multistep- and continuous transient flow experiments for the determination of the soil hydraulic properties
Coworkers: Wolfgang Durner, Bernd Schultze, Reimer Herrmann
BITÖK-Z 2 The BITÖK analytical laboratory
Coworkers: Petra Dietrich, Andrea Glaßer, Gunter Ilgen, Jan Irmler, Kerstin Lateier, Bettina Popp, Christine Stöcker, Thomas Gollan
BITÖK-Z 3 The BITÖK computer network
Coworkers: Thomas Gollan, Nikolaus Klever
BITÖK-Z 4 The BITÖK research sites in NE Bavaria - Routinely measurements and maintenance
Coworkers: Andrea Glaßer, Uwe Hell, Andreas Kolb, Bettina Popp, Georg Walther, Thomas Gollan
BMBF PT BEO 51-0339476 C BITÖK-N15 Dynamic gas transport inside of forest soil and its couplings with the fluxes of water and heat
Coworkers: Matthias Haubold, Bernd Huwe
BMBF PT BEO 51-0339476 C BITÖK-N16 SIMFONI - A Numerical Model for the Simultaneous Simulation of Water, Heat and Nitrogen Dynamics in Forest Ecosystems
Coworkers: Kai Uwe Totsche, Bernd Huwe
BMBF PT BEO 51-0339476 C BITÖK-N17 Scale dependent nitrogen dynamics in forests
Coworkers: Andreas Gaßner, Hans Piehler, Kai Uwe Totsche, Bernd Huwe

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