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Carbon and water fluxes of Mediterranean forests and impacts of land use/cover changes


From 01/1998 to 12/1999

Principal Investigator: John Tenhunen
Staff: Markus Reichstein
Grant: ENV4-CT97-0455 Carbon and water fluxes of Mediterranean forests and impacts of land use/cover changes

In the Mediterranean region, landscapes are constituted by highly dynamic patches of vegetation where the balance between carbon uptake or release is highly dependent on environmental stress and human management. In this context, the development of an extensive data base on the relevant mass and energy exchanges is of paramount importance for model validation and implementation. A research programme is proposed with the following specific objectives: 1- to evaluate surface fluxes of carbon and energy exchange for selected case studies of land uses; 2- to analyze the response of Mediterranean forests to environmental stresses and the biological feed-backs at ecosystem level to atmospheric exchanges; 3- to provide data for the validation of forest models, related to growth, partitioning of primary production, water cycling; 4- to provide information for the development and testing of schemes designed to elaborate forest - atmosphere interactions based on remotely sensed data; 5- to analyze the impact of disturbances on the delicate balance of gains and losses of carbon from forests also through the formulation of "threshold type" indices derived from functional responses at ecosystem level; 6 - to recommend management strategies for the conservation of carbon stocks in forests.

List of publications of this Project

Reynolds, JF; Tenhunen, JD: Desertification, Encyclopedia of Biodiversity, - (2001)
Niinemets, Ü; Tenhunen, JD; Canta, NR; Chaves, MM; Faria, T; Pereira, JS; Reynolds, JF: Interactive effects of nitrogen and phosphorus on the acclimation potential of foliage photosynthetic properites of cork oak, Quercus suber, to elevated CO2, Global Change Biology, 5, 455-470 (1999)
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