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Isotope Mini Symposium

9th September - Schloß Thurnau

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35 years of stable isotope research at the University of Bayreuth: Past, present and future of an elegant tool in biogeochemistry and beyond

9th September 2022, 12:30 – 19:00

Schloss Thurnau, close to Bayreuth

The analysis of stable isotopes has developed into an important method to elucidate matter fluxes and identify origins in a wide range of disciplines. Already in 1987 the application of stable isotopes was established at the University of Bayreuth for research and teaching purposes. Over the last 35 years, isotope research in Bayreuth was continuously expanded and diversified. The internationally cross-linked BayCEER - Laboratory of Isotope Biogeochemistry plays now a leading role in stable isotope applications with a major focus on ecology and environmental sciences.

The mini symposium on the occasion of this 35th anniversary aims to bring together former and current students, current BayCEER members, the technical team and internationally renowned collaborators for a retrospect and view into the future of this stable isotope facility of BayCEER.


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