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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences

Department of Ecological Modelling - Prof. Dr. Michael Hauhs

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Impact of climate change on temperate forests


From 01/1998 to 06/2000

Principal Investigator: Michael Hauhs
Staff: Walter Dörwald, Alois Kastner-Maresch, Michael Sonntag
Grant: ENV-CT97-0577 Long-Term Regional Effects of Climate change on European Forests: Impact assessment and Consequences for Carbon Budgets

The effect of elevated CO2 and temperature on forest growth is studied by applying a variety of growth models to szenarios produced by weather generators. Forest yield and carbon budgets of European forests is examined with a summary model. In this context the process of upscaling to the regional level is investigated. Our main contributions consist in applying the forest growth models TRAGIC++ and TREEDYN3 at coniferous and decidious forests at selected European sites and to study acclimation effects of the forest ecosystems. The project is carried out in close cooperation with the Center for Environmental Systems Research at the University of Kassel.

Homepage: http://www.ibn.dlo.nl/LTEEF-II/

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