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Lepper, M; Trancón y Widemann, B: d2d - a Robust Front-End for Prototyping, Authoring and Maintaining XML Encoded Documents by Domain Experts in Joaquim Filipe, Jan L. G. Dietz: Proceedings 3rd International Joint Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Ontology Development, SciTePress 2011, 449-456 (2011)
In many cases, domain experts are used to write down their knowledge in contiguous texts. A standard way to facilitate the automated processing of such texts is to add mark-up, for which the family of XML-based standards is current best practice. But the default textual appearance of XML mark-up is not suited to be typed, read and edited by humans. The authors’ d2d notation provides an alternative which uses only one single escape character. Its documents can be fluently typed, understood and edited by humans almost in the same way as non-tagged text. In the last years, the d2d language underwent a development guided by practical experiences. In practice, robustness turned out to be highly desirable: This lead to revised semantics and a new algorithm which realizes a total translation function, This article gives the complete operational semantics of this algorithm after a short sketch of its context.
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