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Soil Spatial Analysis

DBG Workshop 2022, Universität Bayreuth

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Soil Spaces 2022 - cancelled

Spatial distribution of chemical, physical and biological properties and processes in soils 

Workshop will take place in 2023

Teaser E. Lehndorff

Hope to see you then!

Soil development and soil functions are often determined by the small-scale distribution of soil properties and processes. Commissions I, II and VII of the German Soil Science Society therefore invite you to a workshop aimed to postdocs and advanced doctoral students.

Programme will be updated for 2023:

  Thursday, 21 July 2022
from 12 am Welcome with virtual coffee
19:30 pm Beergarden Storchennest

Friday, 22 July 2022

09:00 am  
9:30 am Break

01:00 pm

Closing discussion, individual agreements on further cooperations
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