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Tierökologie II

Prof. Dr. Konrad Dettner (im Ruhestand)

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Hemp, C; Grzywacz, B; Warchalowska-Sliwa, E; Hemp, A: Topography and climatic fluctuations boosting speciation: biogeography and a molecular phylogeny of the East African genera Afroanthracites Hemp & Ingrisch and Afroagraecia Ingrisch & Hemp (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae, Conocephalinae, Agraeciini)., Organisms Diversity & Evolution, 16(1), 211-223 (2016), doi:10.1007/s13127-015-0244-4 [Link]
Based on faunistic lists documenting the distribution of taxa and molecular data, a phylogenetic tree of African Agraeciini is presented and detailed hypotheses of speciation patterns discussed. It is discussed that the observed radiation in the geologically old Eastern Arc chain is young since Afroanthracites montium endemic to Mts. Kilimanjaro and Meru is of the same age as species of the East and West Usambara Mountains. A molecular phylogeny on nine Afroanthracites and four Afroagraecia species is presented in this study prepared on the molecular markers 16S rRNA and histone 3. The molecular results confirmed geographical patterns and morphological relationships in Afroanthracites as well as in Afroagraecia.
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