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Tierökologie II

Prof. Dr. Konrad Dettner (im Ruhestand)

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Hemp, C; Massa, B: Review of the African genera Arantia Stål and Goetia Karsch (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Phaneropterinae)., Zootaxa, 4362(4), 451–498 (2017), doi:https://doi.org/10.11646/zootaxa.4362.4.1 [Link]
The genus Arantia is reviewed, the distribution and distinguishing characters given. The three species of Goetia are assigned as subgenus to Arantia. Arantia gestri Griffini is transferred to this new subgenus and synonymized with G. dimidiata Bolívar. Other species synonymized are: A. accrana Karsch with A. rectifolia Brunner von Wattenwyl; A. gabunensis Brunner von Wattenwyl with A. regina Karsch; A. mammisignum Karsch and A. tigrina Bolívar with A. excelsior Karsch; A. ugandana Rehn is synonymized with A. fasciata (Walker). 6 species from Tropical Africa are newly described: A. (Arantia) quinquemaculata n. sp., A. (Arantia) ivoriana n. sp., A. (Euarantia) tanzanica n. sp., A. (Euarantia) tibiaspinosa n. sp., A. (Euarantia) bispinosa n. sp. and A. (Euarantia) griffinii n. sp. A key to the subgenera and species of Arantia is provided. The tribe Arantiini is synonymized with Holochlorini.
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