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Tierökologie II

Prof. Dr. Konrad Dettner (im Ruhestand)

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Gebhardt, K; Schimana, J; Müller, J; Fiedler, H-P; Kallenborn, H; Holzenkämpfer, M; Krastel, Ph; Zeeck, A; Vater, J; Höltzel, A; Schmid, D; Rheinheimer, J; Dettner, K: Screening for biologically active metabolites with endosymbiotic bacilli isolated from arthropods, FEMS Microbiology Letters, 217, 199-205 (2002)
Endosymbiotic bacteria from the genus Bacillus were isolated from different compartments of the gut of various members of insects (Hexapoda) and millipedes (Diplopoda). They were grown in submerged culture and investigated by biological assays and HPLC-diode array analysis regarding their production of bioactive metabolites, which were isolated and determined in structure. Known compounds and yet unknown derivatives from the primary metabolism were detected, as well as antibacterially and antifungally acting peptide antibiotics.
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