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Juniorprofessur Atmosphärische Chemie - Prof. Dr. Anke Nölscher

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Variability of aerosol number and volume over a mofette field in the natural reserve of Soos, Czech Republic

Samantha Wittke (02/2014-04/2014)

Betreuer: Andreas Held

BSc-Arbeit, Universität Bayreuth, 47 S.

This thesis presents a preliminary investigation of the variability of particle number- and volume concentrations above the mofette field in the natural reserve of Soos, Czech Republic. Data for this research were collected by use of a handheld optical particle counter. The directly measured particle number concentrations were examined with respect to the variability due to the different surfaces, the relation between submicron and supermicron particles, and the influence of potential sources of sulfuric acid and halogen compounds. The calculated particle volume concentrations also were screened for varibility due to the different surfaces and the filtering effect of surrounding trees. In addidtion, the PM1/PM10 ratio was estimated and compared to published data. This preliminary study did not show the expected variability in particle concentrations, but differences between the measurement cycles and a potentially large influence of particles smaller than the measured size range on PM1/PM10.

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