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Publications of the year 2020

Steibl, S; Ballarin, F; Nadolny, AA; Laforsch, C: First record of a wolf spider, Draposa lyrivulva (Bösenberg & Strand 1906) (Araneae: Lycosidae), from the Maldivian Islands, Indian Ocean, Acta Arachnologica, 69(2) (2020), online: 2020-12-01 -- Details
Steibl, S; Spelda, J; Laforsch, C: First record of a spirobolid Eucarlia hoffmani Golovatch & Korsós, 1992 (Diplopoda: Spirobolida: Pachybolidae) from the Maldives, Indian Ocean, Schubartiana, 9, 7-11 (2020) [Link] -- Details
Thomas, S M; Beierkuhnlein, C: Kombination von Artverbreitungsmodellen und epidemiologischen Modellen zur Vorhersage stechmücken-übertragener arboviraler Krankheiten in Wittmann, J. and Maretis, D.K.: Simulation in den Umwelt- und Geowissenschaften, Shaker, Aachen (2020) [Link] -- Details
Cervellini, M; Zannini, P; Di Musciano, M; Fattorini, S; Jiménez-Alfaro, B; Rocchini, D; Field, R; Ole, V; Irl, S; Beierkuhnlein, C; Hoffmann, S; Fischer, JC; Casella, L; Angelini, P; Genovesi, P; Nascimbene, J; Chiarucci, A: A grid-based map for the Biogeographical Regions of Europe, Biodiversity Data Journal(8), e53720 (2020), doi:10.3897/BDJ.8.e53720 [Link]
Piehl, S; Atwood, EC; Bochow, M; Imhof, HK; Franke, J; Siegert, F; Laforsch, C: Can Water Constituents Be Used as Proxy to Map Microplastic Dispersal Within Transitional and Coastal Waters?, Frontiers in Environmental Science, 8(92) (2020), online: 2020-06-26, doi: -- Details
Steibl, S: Terrestrial Hermit Crab Populations in the Maldives: Ecology, Distribution and Anthropogenic Impact, , Springer BestMasters (2020) [Link]
Pietrzak, B; Rabus, M; Religa, M; Laforsch, C; Danko, M: Phenotypic plasticity of senescence in Daphnia under predation impact: no ageing acceleration when the perceived risk decreases with age, Royal Society Open Science, 7(2) (2020), online: 2020-02-05, doi:
Möller, JN; Löder, MGJ; Laforsch, C: Finding Microplastics in Soils: A Review of Analytical Methods, Environmental Science & Technology, 54(4), 2078-2090 (2020), doi:
Zhu, B; Wang, Z; Kanaparthi, D; Kublik, S; Ge, T; Casper, P; Schloter, M; Lueders, T: Long-Read Amplicon Sequencing of Nitric Oxide Dismutase (nod) Genes Reveal Diverse Oxygenic Denitrifiers in Agricultural Soils and Lake Sediments, Microbial Ecology, 80, 243-247 (2020), doi: [Link] -- Details
Steibl, S; Laforsch, C: Shell resource partitioning as a mechanism of coexistence in two co-occurring terrestrial hermit crab species, BMC Ecology, 20(1) (2020), doi: [Link] -- Details
Beierkuhnlein, C: Gefährdung und Schutz der biologischen Vielfalt in Mitteleuropa, Praxis Geographie, 2020(5), 4-10 (2020) [Link] -- Details
Beierkuhnlein, C; Thomas, S M: Stechmückenübertragene Krankheiten in Zeiten des globalen Wandels: Mosquito-borne diseases in the face of global change, Flugmedizin, Tropenmedizin, Reisemedizin, 27(1), 14-19 (2020), doi:10.1055/a-1079-2469
Beloiu, M; Stahlmann, R; Beierkuhnlein, C: High Recovery of Saplings After Severe Drought in Temperate Deciduous Forests, Forests, 11(546), 1-17 (2020), doi:10.3390/f11050546
Clemens, S: Casting a wide cross-species transcriptomics net: convergent evolution of nickel hyperaccumulation., New Phytologist (2020), doi:10.1111/nph.16960
Cojoc, E; Schweiger, A; Postolache, C; Beierkuhnlein, C: Scale- dependent effects of forest edges on mountain grassland biogeochemistry, Environmental engineering and management journal, 19(7), 1189-1197 (2020) [Link]
Cooke, SC; Anchundia, D; Caton, E; Haskell, LE; Jäger, HJ; Kalki, Y; Mollá, Ó; Rodríguez, J; Schramer, TD; Walentowitz, A; Fessl, B: Endemic species predation by the introduced smooth-billed ani in Galápagos, Biological Invasions, 1573-1464 (2020), doi:10.1007/s10530-020-02251-3 [Link]
Dapar, MLG; Alejandro, G J; Meve, U; Liede-Schumann, S: Quantitative ethnopharmacological documentation and molecular confirmation of medicinal plants used by the Manobo tribe of Agusan del Sur, Philippines, Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, 16, 14 (2020), doi: -- Details
Dapar, MLG; Demayo, CG; Meve, U; Liede-Schumann, S; Alejandro, G J: Molecular confirmation, constituents and cytotoxicity evaluation of two medicinal Piper species used by the Manobo tribe of Agusan del Sur, Philippines, Phytochemistry Letters, 36, 24-31 (2020), doi: -- Details
Dapar, MLG; Meve, U; Liede-Schumann, S; Alejandro, G J: Ethnomedicinal plants used for the treatment of cuts and wounds by the Agusan Manobo of Sibagat, Agusan del Sur, Philippines, Ethnobotany Research and Applications, 19 (2020), doi: -- Details
Detterbeck, A; Pongrac, P; Persson, DP; Vogel-Mikuš, K; Kelemen, M; Vavpetič, P; Pelicon, P; Arčon, I; Husted, S; Schjoerring, JK; Clemens, S: Temporal and spatial pattern of zinc and iron accumulation during barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) grain development., J. Agric.Food Chem. (2020)
Diel, P; Kiene, M; Martin-Creuzburg, D; Laforsch, C: Knowing the Enemy: Inducible Defences in Freshwater Zooplankton, Diversity, 12(4), 147 (2020), doi:
February, A; Pausch, J; Higgins, S: Major contribution of grass roots to soil carbon pools and CO2 fluxes in a mesic savanna, Plant and Soil (2020), doi:
Flantua, SGA; Payne, R; Borregaard, MK; Beierkuhnlein, C; Steinbauer, MJ; Dullinger, C; Essl, F; Irl, S; Kienle, D; Kreft, H; Lenzner, B; Norder, SJ; Rijsdijk, KF; Rumpf, SB; Weigelt, P; Field, R: Snapshot isolation and isolation history challenge the analogy between mountains and islands used to understand endemism, Global Ecology and Biogeography, 29(10), 1651–1673 (2020), doi:10.1111/geb.13155
Foken, T: From Geiger to the modern micrometeorology – the textbook of Dénes Berényi, Idöjárás, 124(3), 419-426 (2020), doi:10.28974/idojaras.2020.3.7 -- Details
Foken, T; Bange, J: Neue VDI-Richtlinie zum Einsatz unbemannter Fluggeräte, Gefahrstoffe - Reinhaltung der Luft, 80, 296-299 (2020) -- Details
Foken, T; Müller, WJ: Wie und wo misst man in der Atmosphäre, Gefahrstoffe - Reinhaltung der Luft, 80, 300-304 (2020) -- Details
Frei, S; Wismeth, F; Gilfedder, B: Quantifizierung lokaler Grundwassereintritte in die Spree und deren Bedeutung für die Verockerungsproblematik in der Laustiz., Grundwasser (2020), [Link] -- Details
Gebauer, G; Clemens, S: Stealing sugar from the honey fungus., Plant Cell and Environment (2020)
Giagnoni, L; Taiti, C; Leon, P; Costa, C; Menesatti, P; Espejo, E; Gomez-Paccard, C; Hontoria, C; Vazquez, E; Benito, M; Mancuso, M; Renella, G: Volatile organic compound emissions and biochemical properties of degraded Ultisols ameliorated by no tillage and liming., Pedosphere, 30(2)(5), 597-606 (2020), doi:10.1016/S1002-0160(20)60024-8 -- Details
Giesemann, P; Rasmussen, HN; Liebel, HT; Gebauer, G: Discreet heterotrophs: Green plants that receive fungal carbon through Paris-type arbuscular mycorrhiza, New Phytologist, 226, 960-966 (2020), doi:10.1111/nph.16367
Glaser, B; Antonelli, M; Hopp, L; Klaus, J: Intra-catchment variability of surface saturation – insights from physically-based simulations in comparison with biweekly thermal infrared image observations, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 24, 1393–1413 (2020), doi:10.5194/hess-24-1393-2020
Glaser, C; Schwientek, M; Junginger, T; Gilfedder, B; Frei, S; Werneburg, M; Zwiener, C; Zarfl, C: Comparison of environmental tracers including organic micropollutants as groundwater exfiltration indicators into a small river of a karstic catchment, Hydrological Processes, 1-15 (2020), doi:10.1002/hyp.13909
Gomes, SIF; Merckx, VSFT; Kehl, J; Gebauer, G: Mycoheterotrophic plants living on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi are generally enriched in 13C, 15N, and 2H isotopes, Journal of Ecology, 108, 1250-1261 (2020), doi:10.1111/1365-2745.13381 -- Details
Guhr, A; Kircher, S: Drought-Induced Stress Priming in Two Distinct Filamentous Saprotrophic Fungi, Microbial Ecology, 80, 27-33 (2020), doi:10.1007/s00248-019-01481-w [Link] -- Details
Guhr, A; Weig, A: Assessment of prokaryote to eukaryote ratios in environmental samples by SSU rDNA length polymorphism, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, 113(2), 175–183 (2020), doi:10.1007/s10482-019-01327-y -- Details
Harjes, J; Link, A; Weibulat, T; Triebel, D; Rambold, G: FAIR digital objects in environmental and life sciences should comprise workflow operation design data and method information for repeatability of study setups and reproducibility of results, Database, 2020 (2020), doi:10.1093/database/baaa059 -- Details
Hauhs, M; Lange, H: Modellkonzepte einer reflexiven Ökologie: Herausforderungen bei der Modellierung von Ökosystemen, Jahrbuch Ökologie, 2020, 161-181 (2020) -- Details
Hobohm, C; Janisová, M; Steinbauer, MJ; Landi, S; Field, R; Vanderplank, S; Beierkuhnlein, C; Grytnes, JA; Vetaas, OR; Fidelis, A; de Nascimento, L; Clark, VR; Fernández-Palacios, JM; Franklin, SB; Guarino, R; Huang, J; Krestov, PV; Ma, K; Onipchenko, V; Palmer, MW; Simon, MF; Stolz, C; Chiarucci, A: Global endemics-area relationships of vascular plants, Perspectives in ecology and conservation (2020), doi:10.1016/j.pecon.2019.04.002
Hoffmann, S; Beierkuhnlein, C: Climate change exposure and vulnerability of the global protected area estate from an international perspective, Diversity and Distributions, 2020(26), 1496–1509 (2020), doi: [Link]
Holz, M; Zarebanadkouki, M; Carminati, A; Becker, JN; Spohn, M: The effect of root hairs on rhizosphere phosphatase activity, Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, 183, 382-388 (2020), doi:10.1002/jpln.201900426 -- Details
Hömberg, A; Obst, M; Knorr, KH; Kalbitz, K; Schaller, J: Increased Silicon Availability in Fen Peat Leads to a Release of Iron and Phosphate and Changes in the Composition of Dissolved Organic Matter, Geoderma (2020) -- Details
Höreth, S; Pongrac, P; van Elteren, JT; Debeljak, M; Vogel-Mikuš, K; Weber, M; Braun, M; Pietzenuk, B; Pečovnik, M; Vavpetič, P; Pelicon, P; Arčon, I; Krämer, U; Clemens, S: Arabidopsis halleri shows hyperbioindicator behaviour for Pb and leaf Pb accumulation spatially separated from Zn., New Phytologist, 226, 492-506 (2020), doi:10.1111/nph.16373 -- Details
Hsu, HWC; Aranas, DR; Alejandro, G J; Liede-Schumann, S: A new species of Argostemma (Rubiaceae) with free stamens in star-shaped corolla from the Philippines, Phytotaxa, 437(2), 113-117 (2020), doi: -- Details
Irl, S; Obermeier, A; Beierkuhnlein, C; Steinbauer, MJ: Climate controls plant life-form patterns on a high-elevation oceanic island, Journal of Biogeography, 2020(47), 2261–2273 (2020), doi:10.1111/jbi.13929
Kattge, J; Bönisch, G; Díaz, S; et al., ; contribution, data support:; Beierkuhnlein, C; Jentsch, A: TRY plant trait database – enhanced coverage and open access., Global Change Biology, 2020(26), 119-188 (2020), doi:10.1111/gcb.14904
Klink, S; Giesemann, P; Hubmann, T; Pausch, J: Stable C and N isotope natural abundances of intraradical hyphae of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, Mycorrhiza (2020),
Klotzbücher, A; Schunck, F; Klotzbücher, T; Kaiser, K; Glaser, B; Spohn, M; Widdig, M; Mikutta, R: Goethite-bound phosphorus in an acidiy subsoil is not available to Beech (Fagus sylvatica L.), Frontiers in Forests and Global Change (2020), online: 2020-08-07, doi:10.3389/ffgc.2020.00094 -- Details
Knoke, T; Paul, C; Rammig, A; Gosling, E; Hildebrandt, P; Härtl, F; Peters, T; Richter, M; Diertl, K-H; Castro, LM; Calvas, B; Ochoa, S; Valle-Carrión, LA; Hamer, U; Tischer, A; Potthast, K; Windhorst, D; Homeier, J; Wilcke, W; Velescu, A; Gerique, A; Pohle, P; Adams, J; Breuer, L; Mosandl, R; Beck, E; Weber, M; Stimm, B; Silva, B; Verburg, PH; Bendix, J: Accounting for multiple ecosystem services in a simulation of land-use decisions: Does it reduce tropical deforestation?, Global Change Biology, 1-18 (2020), doi:10.1111/gcb.15003 -- Details
Lapo, K; Freundorfer, A; Pfister, L; Schneider, J; Selker, JS; Thomas, C: Distributed observations of wind direction using microstructures attached to actively heated fiber-optic cables, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 13(3), 1563-1573 (2020), doi:10.5194/amt-13-1563-2020
Liede-Schumann, S; Grimm, GW; Nürk, NM; Potts, AJ; Meve, U; Hartmann, HEK: Phylogenetic relationships in the southern African genus Drosanthemum (Ruschioideae, Aizoaceae), PeerJ, 8, e8999 (2020), doi:10.7717/peerj.8999 -- Details
Li, Zhipeng; Scheunemann, N; Potapov, Anton; Pausch, J; Scheu, S; Pollierer, Melanie: Incorporation of root-derived carbon into soil microarthropods varies between cropping systems, Biology and Fertility of soils (2020),
Mahrt, L; Pfister, L; Thomas, CK: Small-Scale Variability in the Nocturnal Boundary Layer, Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 174(1), 81-98 (2020), doi:10.1007/s10546-019-00476-x
Meve, U; Heiduk, A; Liede-Schumann, S: A new endemic Vincetoxicum (Apocynaceae) in the Eastern Cape, and a conspectus of the genus for South Africa, Phytotaxa, 447(3), 185-194 (2020), doi: -- Details
Michas, A; Harir, M; Lucio, M; Vestergaard, G; Himmelberg, AM; Schmitt-Kopplin, Ph; Lueders, T; Hatzinikolaou, D; Schöler, A; Rabus, R; Schloter, M: Sulfate Alters the Competition Among Microbiome Members of Sediments Chronically Exposed to Asphalt., Frontiers in Microbiology, 11:556793 (2020), doi: -- Details
Minnich, C; Persoh, D; Poll, C; Borken, W: Changes in chemical and microbial soil parameters following 8 years of deadwood decay: An experiment with Logs of 13 tree species in 30 forests, Ecosystems (2020), online: 2020-09-21, doi:0.1007/s10021-020-00562-z -- Details
Nürk, NM; Linder, H P; Onstein, RE; Larcombe, MJ; Hughes, CE; Fernández, LP; Schlüter, PM; Valente, L; Beierkuhnlein, C; Cutts, V; Donoghue, MJ; Edwards, EJ; Field, R; Flantua, SGA; Higgins, S; Jentsch, A; Liede-Schumann, S; Pirie, MD: Diversification in evolutionary arenas — Assessment and synthesis, Ecology and Evolution, 10, 6163-6182 (2020), doi:10.1002/ece3.6313
Pastore, G; Kernchen, S; Spohn, M: Microbial solubilization of silicon and phosphorus from bedrock in relation to abundance of phosphorus-solubilizing bacteria in temperate forest soils, , 151, 1-12 (2020), doi:10.1016/j.soilbio.2020.108050 -- Details
Peltola, O; Lapo, K; Martinkauppi, I; O`Connor, E; Thomas, CK; Vesala, T: Suitability of fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing to reveal, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions, 2020, 1-31 (2020), doi:10.5194/amt-2020-260
Pourmasoumi Parashkouh, M; Khormali, F; Ayoubi, SO; Kiani, F; Kehl, M; Lehndorff, E: Thr micromorphologyof forest soils developed on loess along a precipitation gradient in northern Iran, Journal of Agricultural Engineering, Online since 23 July 2019 (2020), doi:10.22055/agen.2019.25241.1417 -- Details
Reuss, SJ; Meve, U; Mangelsdorff, RD; Liede-Schumann, S: Transfer of Cuban Marsdenia to Ruehssia (Apocynaceae–Asclepiadoideae), and two new species in Ruehssia, Willdenowia, 50 (2020), doi: [Link] -- Details
Ritschar, S; Rabus, M; Laforsch, C: Predator-specific inducible morphological defenses of a water flea against two freshwater predators, Journal of Morphology, 281(April), 653-661 (2020), doi:10.1002/jmor.21131
Rummel, P; Pfeiffer, Birgit; Pausch, J; Weller, R; Schneider, Dominik; Dittert, Klaus: Maize root and shoot litter quality controls short-term CO2 and N2O emissions and bacterial community structure of arable soils, Biogeosciences, 17, 1181-1198 (2020)
Rutere Njeru, C: Microbial degradation of organic micropollutants in hyporheic zone sediments, , Dissertation (2020), doi:
Schaller, J; Frei, S; Rohn, L; Gilfedder, B: Amorphous Silica Controls Water Storage Capacity and Phosphorus Mobility in Soils, Frontiers in Environmental Science, 8 (2020), doi:10.3389/fenvs.2020.00094
Schaller, J; Frei, S; Rohn, Lisa; Gilfedder, B: Amorphous silica controls water storage capacity and phosphorus mobility in soils, Frontiers in Environmental Science (2020), doi:10.3389/fenvs.2020.00094
Schubert, M; Siebert, C; Knoeller, K; Roediger, T; Schmidt, A; Gilfedder, B: Investigating Groundwater Discharge into a Major River under Low Flow Conditions Based on a Radon Mass Balance Supported by Tritium Data, Water, 12(2838), 1-20 (2020), doi:10.3390/w12102838
Schuldt, B; Buras, A; Arend, M; Vitasse, Y; Beierkuhnlein, C; Damm, A; Gharun, M; Grams, TEE; Hauck, M; Hartmann, H; Hiltbrunner, E; Hoch, G; Holloway-Phillips, M; Körner, C; Larysch, E; Lübbe, T; Nelson, DB; Rammig, A; Rigling, A; Rose, L; Ruehr, NK; Schumann, K; Weiser, F; Werner, C; Wohlgemuth, T; Zang, C; Kahmen, A: A first assessment of the impact of the extreme 2018 summer drought on Central European forests, Basic and Applied Ecology, 45, 86-103 (2020), doi:10.1016/j.baae.2020.04.003
Sheffer, MM; Uhl, G; Prost, S; Lueders, T; Ulrich, T; Bengtsson, M: Tissue- and Population-Level Microbiome Analysis of the Wasp Spider Argiope bruennichi Identified a Novel Dominant Bacterial Symbiont, Microorganisms, 8 (1) (2020), doi: -- Details
Simon, M; Lehndorff, E; Wrede, A; Amelung, W: In-field heterogeneity of apple replant disease:relations to abiotic soil propertiers, Scientia Horticulturae, 259, Online: 108809 (2020), doi:0.1016/j.scienta.2019.108809 -- Details
Spielmann, J; Ahmadi, H; Scheepers, M; Weber, M; Nitsche, S; Carnol, M; Bosman, B; Kroymann, J; Motte, P; Clemens, S; Hanikenne, M: The two copies of the zinc and cadmium ZIP6 transporter of Arabidopsis halleri have distinct effects on cadmium tolerance., Plant Cell and Environment (2020), doi:10.1111/pce.13806 -- Details
Spohn, M: Increasing the organic carbon stocks in mineral soils sequesters large amounts of phosphorus, Global Change Biology, 26, 4196-4177 (2020), doi:10.1111/gcb.15154 -- Details
Stotz, G; Cahill, JF; Bennett, J; Carlyle, CN; Bork, E; Askarizadeh, D; Bartha, S; Beierkuhnlein, C; Boldgiv, B; Brown, L; Cabido, M; Campetella, G; Chelli, S; Cohen, O; Díaz, S; Enrico, L; Ensing, D; Erdenetsetseg, B; Fidelis, A; Garris, Heath W; Henry, HA; Jentsch, A; Jouri, M H; Koorem, K; Manning, P; Mitchell, R; Moora, M; Overbeck, G; Pither, J; Reinhart, U; Sternberg, M; Tungalag, R; Undrakhbold, S; van Rooyen, M; Wellstein, C; Zobel, M; Fraser, LH: Not a melting pot: Plant species aggregate in their non‐native range, Global Ecology and Biogeography, 29(3), 482-490 (2020), doi:10.1111/geb.13046
Vazquez, E; Benito, M; Espejo, R; Teutscherova, N: Response of soil properties and microbial indicators to land use change in an acid soil under Mediterranean conditions., CATENA, 189(104486) (2020), doi:
Vazquez, E; Benito, M; Espejo, R; Teutscherova, N: No-tillage and liming increase the root mycorrhizal colonization, plant biomass and N content of a mixed oat and vetch crop., Soil & Tillage Research, 200(104623) (2020)
Vazquez, E; Teutscherova, N; Lojka, B; Arango, J; Pulleman, M: Pasture diversification affects soil macrofauna and soil biophysical properties in tropical (silvo)pastoral systems, Agric. Ecosyst. Environ., 302(107083) (2020), doi: -- Details
Vazquez, E; Teutscherova, N; Pastorelli, R; Lagomarsino, A; Giagnoni, L; Renella, G: Liming reduces N2O emissions from Mediterranean soil after-rewetting and affects the size, structure and transcription of microbial communities., Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 147(107839) (2020), doi:
Weber, M; Beyene, B; Nagler, N; Schempp, S; Herfert, J; Klecker, M; Clemens, S: A mutation in the essential and widely conserved DAMAGED DNA BINDING1-Cullin4 ASSOCIATED FACTOR gene OZS3 causes hypersensitivity to zinc excess, cold and UV stress in Arabidopsis thaliana., Plant Journal (2020), doi:10.1111/tpj.14779 -- Details
Whitt, L; Ricachenevsky, FK; Ziegler, G; Clemens, S; Walker, E; Maathuis, F; Kear, P; Baxter, I: A curated list of genes that control elemental accumulation in plants. in Wiley & American Society of Plant Biologists and Society for Experimental Biology: Plant Direct, Wiley Online Library (2020)
Widdig, M; Heintz-Buschart, A; Schleuss, P-M; Guhr, A; Borer, E; Seabloom, EW; Spohn, M: Effects of nitrgen and phosphorus addition on microbial community composition and element cycling in a grassland soil, Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 151, 108041 (2020), doi:10.1016/j.soilbio.2020.108041 -- Details
Wijayawardene, NN; Hyde, KD; Al-Ani, LKD; ..., ; Rambold, G; ..., ; Thines, M: Outline of fungi and fungus-like taxa, Mycosphere, 11(1), 1060–1456 (2020), doi:10.5943/mycosphere/11/1/8 [Link]
Yang, Z; Sun, T; Subdiaga, E; Obst, M; Haderlein, S; Maisch, M; Kretschmar, R; Angenent, LT; Kappler, A: Aggregation-dependent electron transfer via redox-active biochar particles stimulate microbial ferrihydrite reduction, Science of the Total Environment, 703, 135515 (2020), online: 2019-11-14, doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2019.135515 -- Details
Zeibich, L; Guhl, J; Drake, HL: Impact of Water Content and Dietary Organic Carbon Richness on Gut Bacteria in the Earthworm Lumbricus terrestris, FEMS Microbes (2020) -- Details
Zhu, B; Friedrich, S; Wang, Z; Tancsics, A; Lueders, T: Availability of Nitrite and Nitrate as Electron Acceptors Modulates Anaerobic Toluene-Degrading Communities in Aquifer Sediments, Frontiers in Microbiology, 11:1867 (2020), doi: -- Details

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