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BayCEER - Bayreuth Center of Ecology and Environmental Research

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The researchers at BayCEER do not keep to themselves - they enter into dialogue with experts from the field, with the interested public and with schools in numerous ways. The BayCEER is the point of contact for authorities, industry, associations and educational institutions in its field of activity. The series of pictures above gives a small impression of the activities - for more information follow the links (activities mostly in German).

Are you looking for experts in ecology and environmental research?

We help where we can - please contact the BayCEER Office.

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Our two newsletters inform you about upcoming lectures as well as quarterly news in and around BayCEER.

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Meteorological data

In cooperation with the BayCEER, the micrometeorology working group offers a range of meteorological and air chemistry data from locations in the region.


Educational work at the ÖBG

The BayCEER is happy to cooperate with the University of Bayreuth's Ecological Botanical Garden (ÖBG), which is well known in environmental education for young and old alike.

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