BayEOS-Arduino  1.8.0_0.0.4
BayEOS Arduino Classes

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BayEOS Arduino is developed by BayCEER IT Group. It is a bunch of classes to facilitate sensor data acquisition with Arduino based systems.


Transport Classes based on BayEOS Class

All transport classes inherit from the BayEOS base class. The constructors and the initialization functions will vary between the classes. But constructing the payload and sending will be all the same.

Buffer Classes based on BayEOSBuffer Class

BayEOS Transport Classes may have a pointer to a BayEOSBuffer instance. When sending the payload fails the BayEOSBuffer can be used to temporary store the payload for later resend. Currently there are three Buffer implementations: BayEOSBufferRAM, BayEOSBufferSD and BayEOSBufferSDFat

RTC Classes

BayEOSBuffer Class my have a pointer to a RTC instance. With a RTC BayEOSBuffer uses RTC.get().now() to store absolute or relative timestamps instead of the less accurate millis() function. RTClib implements some I2C real time clocks (e.g DS3231).

Miscellaneous Classes

There are some sensor classes. Most important the DS18B20 (Dallas OneWire temperatur sensor) and SRF02 (ultrasonic distance sensor). MCP342x is a class to access a I2C 18-bit AD-converter.