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Experimental Biogeochemistry - Prof. Dr. Martin Obst

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Experimental Biogeochemistry

Professor Dr. Martin Obst

Macroscopic biogeochemical phenomena that control nutrient cycling or the fate of contaminants in the environment can only be understood in detail, when we identify the underlying processes and reaction mechanisms that occur on the micro- and molecular scales.

 The research of our group Experimental Biogeochemistry focuses on the identification and quantification of such microscale processes. We use current analytical microscopy approaches in environmental research that we develop further according to our needs.


Our main research interests are:

- redox-reactions in environmental biofilms, sediments & soils

- the fate of heavy metals

- interactions between element cycles (C, Fe, Mn, S)


Approaches that we use include:

- lasermicroscopy with environmentally sensitive fluorescence dyes

- Raman microspectroscopy

- synchrotron-based scanning transmission X-ray microscopy

- X-ray absorption spectroscopy

- electron microscopy

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