Workshop: Magnetic Methods in Biogeochemistry – from field to microscopy and Mössbauer spectroscopy

We. 2010-05-26-Tu. 2010-06-08, Lund (Sweden), Lyngby and Copenhagen (Denmark)

Contact: Christian Bender Koch, Mihály Pósfai

Workshop Kopenhagen

The course focused on the contribution from various techniques utilizing magnetic phenomena at different size and time scale to the studies of biogeochemical processes of iron. A combination of classes and practical exercises in the laboratories at Lund (Quaternary Geology), Lyngby (Center of Electron Nanoscopy), and Copenhagen (Department of Basic Sciences and Environment) provided theoretical and practical background for further pursuing studies in this field.



  • Barbara A. Maher, Lancaster University
  • Ian Snowball, Lund University
  • Bo Thamdrup, University of South Denmark
  • Mihály Pósfai, University of Pannonia
  • Rafal E. Dunin-Borkowski, Technical University of Denmark
  • C. Bender Koch, University of Copenhagen

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