Past Agenda "Training"

Su. 2013-06-30-Fr. 2013-07-05Jerusalem / Sea of Galilee, IsraelTraining: FIMIN Workshop: Fe Isotopes [Details]
Mo. 2012-10-08-Fr. 2012-10-12University of Bayreuth, GermanyTraining: Modelling of surface reactions of ferric (hydr)oxides [Details]
Mo. 2012-01-16-Sa. 2012-01-21University of Manchester and University of BangorTraining: FIMIN workshop on environmental iron microbiology [Details]
Su. 2011-08-07-Th. 2011-08-11Tübingen, GermanyTraining: Workshop: Tools in Environmental Biogeochemistry - Opportunities and Limitations [Details]
Mo. 2011-03-07-Fr. 2011-03-11Córdoba, SpainTraining: Spring School: Iron in the environment - from nature to the laboratory [Details]
We. 2010-05-26-Tu. 2010-06-08Lund (Sweden), Lyngby and Copenhagen (Denmark)Training: Workshop: Magnetic Methods in Biogeochemistry – from field to microscopy and Mössbauer spectroscopy [Details]
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