Spring School: Iron in the environment - from nature to the laboratory

Mo. 2011-03-07-Fr. 2011-03-11, Córdoba, Spain

Contact: Erik Smolders, José Torrent, Stefan Peiffer, Thilo Behrends

Spring School Participants

Scope and Report

This five-day spring school was set up for researchers (Ph.D students, post-docs) who are interested in the nature and dynamics of iron and iron minerals in natural environments. It dealt with iron in soils, sediments, surface and ground water, and geological systems. Reviews on iron minerals and their environmental significance, as well as on the principles and state of the art of analytical techniques were presented.

Scientific Report of the Spring School



The course was given by more than ten invited speakers and a selected number of specific research topics was presented by participants as oral and/or poster presentation. A mid-course field trip was also scheduled. The number of participants was limited to 30.

Location and dates

The course was held in Córdoba in the second week (7–11) of March, 2011. The required facilities were made available at the Campus de Rabanales, Universidad de Córdoba, easily accessible by train (6 min) from Córdoba Central Station.


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