Modelling of surface reactions of ferric (hydr)oxides

Mo. 2012-10-08-Fr. 2012-10-12, University of Bayreuth, Germany

Contact: Stefan Peiffer, Thilo Behrends


This 4 day residential course in Germany took place at the University of Bayreuth. It was organized by the university groups Environmental Geochemistry and Hydrology with longstanding interests in the modelling of surface properties and reactions of iron minerals.

The workshop was supported by an expert in experimental biogeochemistry from the Department of Earth Sciences/Geochemistry at Utrecht University.


Content of course

  • Theory of surface chemical reactions at the ferric (hydr)oxide interface
  • Modelling of surface complexation using PHREEQC
  • Experimental considerations for the determination of surface properties

The focus was on hands-on computer simulation practise supported by lectures and experimental demonstrations.

In a poster session participants presented and discussed their research with the group.

-> Scientific Report on the Workhop

-> Workshop Details


Target Group:

The course was suited to researchers with a principal background in modelling working on all aspects of surface reactions of ferric (hydr)oxides (PhD students and postdocs). Places were provided for 15 participants.  

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