Climate-induced invasions of native and alien aquatic plant species


From 04/2009

Principal Investigator: Arnulf Melzer, Uta Raeder, Stefan Zimmermann
Staff: Markus Hoffmann, Tobias Klein

The main aim of this project is to achieve an improved knowledge about the invasion processes in aquatic ecosystems. The evaluation of invasion risks under changing climatic conditions and the identification of endangered stream types are goals to achieve. The expansion of invasive plant species are studied based on two model-species - the aquatic plants Elodea nuttallii and Najas marina ssp. intermedia. Field observations and laboratory experiments help to understand the main factors of successful proliferation. The analysis includes not only external factors but also phenology and adaptive plant properties. As mass emergences of invasive species often interfer with the use of stream-waters these studies should provide effective management strategies.

last modified 2011-11-09