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Masterstudiengang - Global Change Ecology

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Vorlesung: Land Use Change and Climate (C1a)(MSc-Geoöko:PM4/GM3)(MSc-PhyGeo:W04) (74033)

WS 2018/2019
Di.: 12:00-14:00, S 21 (GEO)

Christoph Thomas


 tba, 12-14, room tba

 Learning Objectives: Land-use change on a global and regional scale is an important aspect of global change and therefore must been seen both as a reaction to social-economic and climatic changes as well as one of the drivers. Feedback processes between land surface and atmosphere can create local and regional changes in land-use, have scale-independent results in the climatic system, and a sustainable impact on the living situation of the population. Students will develop a problem- and processoriented understanding of change in land cover and land-use in the last centuries and the resulting changes in climatic system (focussing on bioclimatic impacts, ecology and social consequences).  Furthermore, the interrelation between social-political decisions and changes in land-use will be closely examined and future, sustainable strategies for action will be discussed.

Course Content: The lecture deals with the spatial and temporal dynamics and the biophysical processes of land-use change and the resulting changes in (regional) climatic systems. Thereby, students will study how land-use change alters energy and material flows in the soil-vegetation-atmosphere system and sustaintainably influences the climate system as well as the regional climate

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