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Masterstudiengang - Global Change Ecology

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Übung: Project Management and Scientific Coordination (M11) (74060)

WS 2018/2019
13.11.2018 (09:15-09:30), S21

Birgit Thies

Exercise course, 2 ECTS


Life is full of projects!

This for academia as well as the "working world". In the course we discuss the different nature of projects and take care for one of them during the winter semester (teamwork). You can choose projects from my list of suggestions - or bring your own idea!

At the end, we look at what you have accomplished - and, even more important, how you did it.

Constitutive meeting 30 November 2018 8.30 S22 

Unterlagen zur Veranstaltung

Datum Kommentar Typ Größe in MB
13. 11. 2018 2018-11-13_CourseM11_Preliminaries 0.676

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