A training network for enhancing the understanding of complex physical, chemical and biological process interactions in hyporheic zones

New HypoTRAIN publications out

HypoTRAIN ESRs have been very busy publishing their research recently. Check out our latest publications: 


David Scheidweiler et al.: Unraveling the biophysical underpinnings to the success of multispecies biofilms in porous environments (Details)

Anna Jäger et al.: Spatial and Temporal Variability in Attenuation of Polar Organic Micropollutants in an Urban Lowland Stream (Details)

Jonas Mechelke et al.: Vacuum-assisted evaporative concentration combined with LC-HRMS/MS for ultra-trace-level screening of organic micropollutants in environmental water samples (Details)

Brian Morteza Mojarrad et al.: Fragmentation of the hyporheic zone due to regional groundwater circulation (Details)


All peer-reviewed HypoTRAIN publications can be found here!



This project is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) and has received funding from the European Union's EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020.