HypoTRAIN´s deliverables reflect our scientific progress of our multi-disciplinary work: 


Work Package 1: Hyporheic Exchange Flow and Residence Time

D1.1 Hyporheic exchange flow and residence time

D1.2 Multi-scale modelling framework

D1.3 Multi-scale modelling framework


Work Package 2: Biological and Biogeochemical Processes

D2.1 Set-up and validation of flume systems to study the link between ecological and biogeochemical processes in the hyporheic zone

D2.2 Validated rate measurements (C, N, P) in the HZ of natural streams incl. focus sites

D2.3 Results of coupled assessment of biogeochemical and ecological processes


Work Package 3: Micropollutant Transformation and Fate

 D3.1 Validated methods for passive sampling micropollutants and measuring transformation rates

D3.2 Compilation of transformation rates, sorption parameters and key microbes

D3.3 Micropollutant loads at focus sites and link to abundance of key microorganisms and ecological & biogeochemical processes


Work Package 4: Integrated Modelling of Hyporheic Processes

D4.1 Coupled numerical model for flow, heat and solute transport to identify hyporheic exchange on a small (test-site)-scale

D4.2 Model validation for identification of hyporheic exchange fluxes at focus sites

D4.3 Integrated reactive transport models


Work Package 5: Joint Field and Modelling Studies

D5.1 Dataset of Joint Study at River Erpe

D5.2 Data set for the joint study at the “Ecolab”

D5.3 Model-based evaluation of joint datasets

D5.4 Improved conceptual model of HZ processes

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