Evaluation of the effectiveness of physical restoration under varying hyporheic conditions for habitat and ecological improvements

ESR 12

From 12/2014

Principal Investigator: Robert Grabowski
Staff: Chiara Magliozzi

Objectives of this project:

  1. Develop analytical framework for physical hyporheic functioning. The framework would be a starting point to define hydromorphological stream features correlated with surface and groundwater interface and the hyporheic exchange.
  2. Investigate correlations between stream biota and hyporheic exchange as predicted in the physical framework in both natural and restored rivers.
  3. Develop indicators and tools of physical-ecological hyporheic functioning starting from the retrieved biotic and abiotic information.
  4. Developguidelines for river restoration practitioners that include hyporheic zone into restoration measures for better achieving ecological and habitat benefits.


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