HypoTRAIN Summer School (01 - HypoBASICS)

SS 2015
2015-06-22-2015-06-26 (several days), IGB, Berlin, Germany

Jörg Lewandowski

A summer school (HypoBASICS) is scheduled immediately following ESR recruitment. It will provide an in-depth introduction into the scientific background of the research to be carried out by HypoTRAIN. On the level of individual ESRs, HypoBASICS will ensure a successful and immediate start of their PhD projects through a comprehensive education in all topics relevant for their ESR research project. On the network level, the summer school will ensure a common ground for all involved participants and initiate network-wide communication. Training will be delivered by HypoTRAIN consortium members and external experts.

Supporting documents for the teaching course

date comment type size in MB
19. 06. 2015 Preliminary schedule of the summer school HypoBASICS 0.076

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