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Mitigation of urban climate and ozone risks

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 MiSKOR Monitoring network City of Bayreuth

An important part of MiSKOR is the microclimatic measurement network located in the City of Bayreuth. This network of 12 automatic and wireless weather stations is currently unique in Bavaria. The purpose is a) to register the small-scale differences related to the urban micro climate (air pollution risks, solar radiation, air temperature and humidity, precipitation, air pressure, wind direction and speed, and lightning activity) and b) to serve as a groundwork for computer-based urban climate simulations.

MiSKOR weather data
· air temperature · precipitation · solar radiation · air humidity · air pressure · wind direction · wind speed ·

Map of all locations of the micro weather stations Ctiy of Bayreuth (current as of November 2022)

MiSKOR Messnetz Nov2022

The measruement values are recorded in real time since September 2018 and are presented on our website (weather data). The processed and  reviewed weather data is available free of charge to all citizens and the interested public. We also want to stronly emphasize the cooperation with our schools in Bayreuth and to promote and encourage environmental education.

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