Plant Ecology (until 1997)
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Gisela Schmidt: Publications

Gebauer, G; Zeller, B; Schmidt, G; May, C; Buchmann, N; Colin-Belgrand, M; Dambrine, E; Martin, F; Schulze, ED; Bottner, P: The fate of 15N-labelled nitrogen inputs to coniferous and broadleaf forests. in E.-D. Schulze: Ecological Studies No. 142, Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in European Forest Ecosystems, Springer, 144-170 (2000)
May, C; Schmidt, G; Gebauer, G; Schulze, ED: The fate of 15N-ammonium and 15N-nitrate in the soil of a 140-year-old spruce (Picea abies) stand in the Fichtelgebirge (NE-Bavaria), Isotopes Environm. Health Studies, 32, 149-158 (1996), doi:10.1080/10256019608036306 -- Details
Schmidt, G; May, C; Gebauer, G; Schulze, ED: Uptake of [15N]ammonium and [15N]nitrate in a 140-year-old spruce stand (Picea abies) in the Fichtelgebirge (NE-Bavaria), Isotopes Environm. Health Studies, 32, 141-148 (1996), doi:10.1080/10256019608036305 -- Details
Schmidt, G; Gebauer, G; Widmann, K; Ziegler, H: Influence of nitrogen supply and temperature on stable carbon isotope ratios in plants of different photosynthetic pathways (C3, C4, CAM), Isotopes Environm. Health Studies, 29, 9-13 (1993), doi:10.1080/10256019308046129 -- Details
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