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Soil Physics - Prof. Dr. Andrea Carminati

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DFG CA921/3-1: Root exudation and the biophysics of the rizosphere
From 06/2015 to 12/2018
Grant manager: Andrea Carminati, Yakov Kuzyakov
Contact person: Maire Holz
Supporting organization: German Research Foundation (DFG)
Root exudates help to improve nutrient uptake and microbial activity. This project aims to understand the soil and root properties affecting the spatial and temporal distribution of root exudates. Novel imaging methods (neutron radiography, 14C imaging, zymography) and numerical models are used to visualize and interpret profiles of root exudates as a function of distance from the root surface. This project is in collaboration with Prof. Y. Kuzyakov (Uni-Göttingen).

Projects in this grant

DFG CA921/3-1 Root exudation and the biophysics of the rizosphere
Coworkers: Maire Holz, Andrea Carminati, Yakov Kuzyakov

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