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Andrea Carminati: Publications

-- 2020 --
Abdalla, M; Carminati, A; Cai, G; Javaux, M; Ahmed, MA: Stomatal closure of tomato under drought is driven by an increase in soil-root hydraulic resistance, Plant Cell and Environment (2020) -- Details
Ahmed, MA; Vetterlein, D; Carminati, A: Advances in understanding plant root water uptake, (2020)
Cai, G; Ahmed, MA; Reth, S; Reiche, M; Kolb, A; Carminati, A: Leaf xylem water potential and transpiration rates of pearl millet during soil drying, Acta Horticulturae (2020)
Hayat, F; Zarebanadkouki, M; Ahmed, MA; Buecherl, M; Carminati, A: Quantification of Hydraulic Redistribution in Maize Roots using Neutron Radiography, Vadose Zone Journal (2020)

-- 2019 --
Benard, P; Zarebanadkouki, M; Brax, M; Kaltenbach, R; Jerjen, I; Marone, F; Couradeau, E; Felde, JMNL; Kaestner, A; Carminati, A: Microhydrological Niches in Soils: How Mucilage and EPS Alter the Biophysical Properties of the Rhizosphere and Other Biological Hotspots, Vadose Zone Journal (2019), doi:10.2136/vzj2018.12.0211 [Link] -- Details
Cai, G; Ahmed, MA; Dippold, M; Zarebanadkouki, M; Carminati, A: Linear relation between leaf xylem water potential and transpiration in pearl millet during soil drying, Plant and Soil (2019)
Carminati, A; Ahmed, MA; Zarebanadkouki, M; Cai, G; Goran, Lovric; Javaux, M: Stomatal closure prevents the drop in soil water potential around roots, New Phytologist (2019)
Hayat, F; Ahmed, MA; Zarebanadkouki, M; Cai, G; Carminati, A: Measurements and simulation of leaf xylem water potential and root water uptake in heterogeneous soil water contents, Advances in Water Resources (2019) -- Details
Hayat, F; Ahmed, MA; Zarebanadkouki, M; Cai, G; Javaux, M; Carminati, A: Transpiration reduction in maize (Zea mays L) in response to soil drying, Frontiers in Plant Science (2019)

-- 2018 --
Holz, M; Leue, M; Ahmed, MA; Benard, P; Gerke, H; Carminati, A: Spatial Distribution of Mucilage in the Rhizosphere Measured With Infrared Spectroscopy, (2018), doi:10.3389/fenvs.2018.00087 -- Details
Benard, P; Zarebanadkouki, M; Carminati, A: Impact of Pore-Scale Wettability on Rhizosphere Rewetting, Frontiers in Environmental Science, 6:16 (2018), doi:10.3389/fenvs.2018.00016 [Link] -- Details
Ahmadi, Katayoun; Razavi, Bahar S; Maharjan, Menuka; Kuzyakov, Yakov; Kostka, Stanley J; Carminati, A; Zarebanadkouki, M: Effects of rhizosphere wettability on microbial biomass, enzyme activities and localization, (2018), doi:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.rhisph.2018.06.010 -- Details
Ahmed, MA; Passioura, JB; Carminati, A: Hydraulic processes in roots and the rhizosphere pertinent to increasing yield of water-limited grain crops: a critical review, Journal of Experimental Botany (2018)
Benard, P; Zarebanadkouki, M; Carminati, A: Physics and hydraulics of the rhizosphere network, (2018), online: 2018-03-24, doi:10.1002/jpln.201800042 [Link] -- Details
Ahmed, MA; Zarebanadkouki, M; Meunier, F; Javaux, M; Kaestner, A; Carminati, A: Root type matters: measurement of water uptake by seminal, crown and lateral roots in maize, Journal of Experimental Botany, 69, 1199–1206 (2018) [Link] -- Details

-- 2017 --
Ahmadi, K; Zarebanadkouki, M; Ahmed, MA; Ferrarini, A; Kuzyakov, Y; Kostka, S; Carminati, A: Rhizosphere engineering: innovative improvement of root environment, Rhizosphere (2017), doi:10.1016/j.rhisph.2017.04.015
Ahmed, MA; Zarebanadkouki, M; Ahmadi, K; Kroener, E; Kostka, S; Kaestner, A; Carminati, A: Engineering Rhizosphere Hydraulics: Pathways to Improve Plant Adaptation to Drought, Vadose Zone Journal (2017), doi:10.2136/vzj2016.09.0090
Benard, P; Zarebanadkouki, M; Hedwig, C; Holz, M; Ahmed, MA; Carminati, A: Pore-Scale Distribution of Mucilage Affecting Water Repellency in the Rhizosphere, Vadose Zone Journal (2017), doi:10.2136/vzj2017.01.0013
Carminati, A; Benard, P; Ahmed, MA; Zarebanadkouki, M: Liquid bridges at the root-soil interface, Plant and Soil, 1-15 (2017), doi:10.1007/s11104-017-3227-8
Carminati, A; Passioura, JP; Zarebanadkouki, M; Ahmed, MA; Ryan, PR; Watt, M; Delhaize, E: Root hairs enable high transpiration rates in drying soils, New Phytologist (2017)
Holz, M; Zarebanadkouki, M; Kuzyakov, Y; Pausch, J; Carminati, A: Root hairs increase root exudation and carbon input into soil, Annals of Botany (2017), doi:10.1093/aob/mcx127
Kroener, E; Holz, M; Zarebanadkouki, M; Ahmed, MA; Carminati, A: Effects of mucilage on rhizosphere hydraulic functions depend on soil particle size, Vadose Zone Journal (2017)
Meunier, F; Zarebanadkouki, M; Ahmed, MA; Carminati, A; Couvreur, V; Javaux, M: Hydraulic conductivity of soil-grown lupine and maize unbranched roots and maize root-shoot junctions, Journal of Plant Physiology (2017)

-- 2016 --
Ahmed, MA; Kroener, E; Benard, P; Zarebanadkouki, M; Kaestner, A; Carminati, A: Drying of mucilage causes water repellency in the rhizosphere of maize: measurements and modelling, Plant and Soil (2016), doi:10.1007/s11104-015-2749-1
Ahmed, MA; Zarebanadkouki, M; Kaestner, A; Carminati, A: Measurements of water uptake of maize roots: the key function of lateral roots, Plant and Soil, 1–19 (2016), doi:10.1007/s11104-015-2639-6
Carminati, A; Kostka, S; Zarebanadkouki, M; Ahmed, MA; Ahmadi, K: Plant rhizosphere engineering rhizo signaling gel matrix (US Patent App.), (2016)
Carminati, A; Zarebanadkouki, M; Kroener, E; Ahmed, MA; Holz, M: Biophysical rhizosphere processes affecting root water uptake, Annals of Botany, 118 (4), 561-571 (2016), doi:10.1093/aob/mcw1132016.
Kroener, E; Zarebanadkouki, M; Bittelli, M; Carminati, A: Simulation of root water uptake under consideration of nonequilibrium dynamics in the rhizosphere, Water Resources Research, 52(8), 5755–5770 (2016)
Roose, T; Keyes, S; Daly, K; Carminati, A; Otten, W; Vetterlein, D; Peth, S: Challenges in imaging and predictive modeling of rhizosphere processes, Plant and Soil, 407 (1-2), 9-38 (2016)
Schwartz, N; Carminati, A; Javaux, M: The impact of mucilage on root water uptake—A numerical study, Water Resources Research (2016), doi:10.1002/2015WR018150
Wen, Y; Chen, Z; Dannenmann, M; Carminati, A; Willibald, G; Kiese, R; Wolf, B; Veldkamp, E; Butterbach-Bahl, K; Correa, MD: Disentangling gross N2O production and consumption in soil, Scientific Reports, 6, 36517 (2016), doi:10.1038/srep36517
York, LM; Carminati, A; Mooney, SJ; Ritz, K; Bennett, MJ: The holistic rhizosphere: integrating zones, processes, and semantics in the soil influenced by roots, Journal of Experimental Botany (2016), doi:10.1093/jxb/erw108.
Zarebanadkouki, M; Meunier, F; Couvreur, V; Cesar, J; Javaux, M; Carminati, A: Estimation of the hydraulic conductivities of lupine roots by inverse modelling of high-resolution measurements of root water uptake, Annals of Botany, 118 (4), 853-864 (2016)

-- 2015 --
Ahmed, MA; Holz, M; Woche, SK; Bachmann, J; Carminati, A: Effect of soil drying on mucilage exudation and its water repellency: a new method to collect mucilage, Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science (2015), doi:10.1002/jpln.201500177
Benard, P; Kroener, E; Vontobel, P; Kaestner, A; Carminati, A: Water percolation through the root-soil interface, Advances in Water Resources (2015), doi:10.1016/j.advwatres.2015.09.014
Carminati, A; Kroener, E; Ahmed, MA; Zarebanadkouki, M; Holz, M; Ghezzehei, T: Water for Carbon, Carbon for Water, Vadose Zone Journal (2015), doi:10.2136/vzj2015.04.0060
Kroener, E; Ahmed, MA; Carminati, A: Roots at the percolation threshold, Physical Review E, 91, 042706. (2015)
Zarebanadkouki, M; Ahmed, MA; Carminati, A: Hydraulic conductivity of the root-soil interface of lupin in sandy soil after drying and rewetting, Plant and Soil (2015), doi:10.1007/s11104-015-2668-1
Zarebanadkouki, M; Carminati, A; Kaestner, A; Mannes, D; Morgano, M; Peetermans, S; Lehmann, E; Trtik, P: On-the-fly neutron tomography of water transport into lupine roots, Phys. Procedia, 69, 2929-298 (2015)

-- 2014 --
Ahmed, MA; Kroener, E; Holz, M; Zarebanadkouki, M; Carminati, A: Mucilage exudation facilitates root water uptake in dry soils, Functional Plant Biology (2014) -- Details
Bechmann, M; Schneider, C; Carminati, A; Vetterlein, V; Attinger, S; Hildebrandt, A: Effect of parameter choice in root water uptake models – the arrangement of root hydraulic properties within the root architecture affects dynamics and efficiency of root water uptake, Hydrology and Earth System Research, 18 (10), 4189-4206 (2014)
Kroener, E; Zarebanadkouki, M; Kaestner, A; Carminati, A: Nonequilibrium water dynamics in the rhizosphere: How mucilage affects water flow in soils, Water Resources Research (2014), doi:10.1002/2013WR014756
Zarebanadkouki, M; Carminati, A: Reduced root water uptake after drying and rewetting, Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, 177 (2), 227-236 (2014)
Zarebanadkouki, M; Kroener, E; Kaestner, A; Carminati, A: Visualization of root water uptake: quantification of deuterated water transport in roots using neutron radiography and numerical modeling, Plant Physiology, 166(2), 487–499 (2014)

-- 2013 --
Carminati, A: Rhizosphere wettability decreases with root age: a problem or a strategy to increase water uptake of young roots?, Frontiers in Plant Science, 4, 298 (2013), doi:10.3389/fpls.2013.00298
Carminati, A; Vetterlein, D: Plasticity of rhizosphere hydraulic properties as a key for efficient utilization of scarce resources, Annals of Botany, 112 (2), 277-290 (2013)
Carminati, A; Vetterlein, D; Koebernick, N; Blaser, S; Weller, U; Vogel, HJ: Do roots mind the gap?, Plant and Soil, 367, 651-661 (2013)
Carminati, A; Zarebanadkouki, M: Comment on: “Neutron imaging reveals internal plant water dynamics”, Plant and Soil, 369, 25-27 (2013)
DeBiase, C; Carminati, A; Oswald, SE; Thullner, M: Numerical modeling analysis of VOCs removal processes in different aerobic vertical flow systems for groundwater remediation, Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 154, 53-69 (2013)
Spohn, M; Carminati, A; Kuzyakov, Y: Soil zymography – A novel in situ method for mapping distribution of enzyme activity in soil, Soil Biology Biochemistry, 58, 275–280 (2013)
Zarebanadkouki, M; Kim, YX; Carminati, A: Where do roots take up water? Neutron radiography of water flow into the roots of transpiring plants growing in soil, New Phytologist, 199, 1034–1044 (2013)

-- 2012 --
Carminati, A: A model of root water uptake coupled with rhizosphere dynamics, Vadose Zone Journal, 11(3) (2012)
Moradi, AB; Carminati, A; Lamparter, A; Woche, SK; Bachmann, J; Vetterlein, D; Vogel, HJ; Sascha, EO: Is the Rhizosphere Temporarily Water Repellent?, Vadose Zone Journal, 11(3) (2012)
Rudolph, N; Esser, HG; Carminati, A; Moradi, AB; Hilger, A; Kardjilov, N; Nagl, S; Oswald, SE: Dynamic oxygen mapping in the root zone by fluorescence dye imaging combined with neutron radiography, Journal of Soils and Sediments, 12, 63-74 (2012)
Zarebanadkouki, M; Kim, YX; Moradi, AB; Vogel, HJ; Kaestner, A; Carminati, A: Quantification and Modeling of Local Root Water Uptake using Neutron Radiography and Deuterated Water, Vadose Zone Journal, 11(3) (2012)

-- 2011 --
Carminati, A; Schneider, C; Moradi, A; Zarebanadkouki, M; Vetterlein, D; Vogel, HJ; Hildebrandt, A; Weller, U; Schüler, L; Oswald, SE: How the rhizosphere may favor water availability to roots, Vadose Zone Journal, 10, 1-11 (2011)
Moradi, A; Carminati, A; Vetterlein, D; Vontobel, P; Lehmann, E; Weller, U; Hopmans, JW; Vogel, HJ; Oswald, SE: Three-dimensional visualization and quantification of water content in the rhizosphere, New Phytologist, 192 (3), 653-663 (2011)

-- 2010 --
Carminati, A; Moradi, A; Vetterlein, D; Vontobel, P; Lehmann, E; Weller, U; Vogel, HJ; Oswald, SE: Dynamics of soil water content in the rhizosphere, Plant and Soil, 332, 163-176 (2010)
Esser, H; Carminati, A; Vontobel, P; Lehmann, E; Oswald, SE: Neutron radiography and tomography of water distribution in the root zone, Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, 173, 757-764 (2010)
Moradi, A; Carminati, A: Micro-scale distribution of water around plant roots using neutron tomography, Geochimica et cosmochimica, 7, A724-A724 (2010)

-- 2009 --
Carminati, A; Fluhler, H: Water Infiltration and Redistribution in Soil Aggregate Packings, Vadose Zone Journal, 8, 150-157 (2009)
Carminati, A; Vetterlein, D; Weller, U; Vogel, HJ; Oswald, SE: When Roots Lose Contact, Vadose Zone Journal, 8, 805-809 (2009)

-- 2008 --
Berli, M; Carminati, A; Ghezzehei, TA; Or, D: Evolution of unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of aggregated soils due to compressive forces, Water Resources Research, 44, W00C09 (2008)
Carminati, A; Kaestner, A; Lehmann, P; Flühler, H: Unsaturated water flow across soil aggregate contacts, Advances in Water Resources, 31, 1221-1232 (2008)
Koliji, A; Lehmann, P; Vulliet, L; Laloui, L; Carminati, A; Vontobel, P; Hassanein, R: Assessment of structural evolution of aggregated soil using neutron tomography, Water Resources Research, 44, W00C07 (2008)
Oswald, SE; Menon, M; Carminati, A; Vontobel, P; Lehmann, E; Schulin, R: Quantitative imaging of infiltration, root growth, and root water uptake via neutron radiography, Vadose Zone Journal, 7, 1035-1047 (2008)

-- 2007 --
Carminati, A; Kaestner, A; Fluhler, H; Lehmann, P; Or, D; Lehmann, E; Stampanoni, M: Hydraulic contacts controlling water flow across porous grains, Physical Review E, 76, 026311 (2007)
Carminati, A; Kaestner, A; Hassanein, R; Ippisch, O; Vontobel, P; Flühler, H: Infiltration through series of soil aggregates: Neutron radiography and modeling, Advances in Water Resources, 30, 1168-1178 (2007)
Carminati, A; Kaestner, A; Ippisch, O; Koliji, A; Lehmann, P; Hassanein, R; Vontobel, P; Lehmann, E; Laloui, L; Vulliet, L; Flühler, H: Water flow between soil aggregates, Transport in Porous Media, 68, 219-236 (2007)

-- 2006 --
Hassanein, R; Meyer, HO; Carminati, A; Estermann, M; Lehmann, E; Vontobel, P: Investigation of water imbibition in porous stone by thermal neutron radiography, Journal of Physics D - Applied Physics, 39, 4284-4291 (2006)
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