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Funktionelle und Tropische Pflanzenökologie - Prof. Dr. Bettina Engelbrecht

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Julian Gaviria

Julian Gaviria


Bis 05/2016 bei Funktionelle und Tropische Pflanzenoekologie
e-Mail: Julian.Gaviria(at)uni-bayreuth.de

Master of Science in Biodiversity and Ecology, Bayreuth.

In my research I examine the role of herbivory in driving the composition and diversity of tropical forests along a rainfall gradient. I am working at a strong rainfall gradient in Panama; tree species composition and diversity along this gradient change dramatically. Variation of herbivore pressure and plant defenses along the gradient may act as a filter excluding species from certain sites. Understanding the different mechanisms shaping species distributions will help develop conservation management and reforestation strategies. The research is conducted at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama.

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