1 Session 1: Soil Secrets Revealed

Chair: Stefan Peiffer

Thursday, 09:15-10:30,

09:15O 1.1: Carolin F. Kerl et al.: Importance of Thioarsenates for Rice Plants [EARLY CAREER RESEARCH AWARD]
09:30O 1.2: Qiong Liu: Alternate wet-drying rather than sulfate fertilization controlled pathways of methanogenesis and methane turnover in a rice-straw-amended paddy soil
09:45O 1.3: Mohanned Abdalla et al.: The increase in soil-root hydraulic resistance drives stomatal closure of tomato under drought
10:00O 1.4: Hongfei Liu: Priming effects in a meadow to forest transitional zone
10:15O 1.5: Shubhi Arora et al.: Analysis of O3 , NO and NO2 measured at characteristically varied locations in Bayreuth
10:30 Poster presentation in "Lightning Talks"


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