12th BayCEER Workshop 2020

October 29, 2020 - Online only via Zoom

We thank all speakers and poster authors, session chairs, jury members and all participants for your patience with the first virtual workshop edition, your engagement and different contributions to the workshop!

On this year´s 12th BayCEER Workshop we counted over 130 registered delegates that presented 11 oral and 16 poster presentations and participated in the different Zoom sessions.

We are very happy that the morning Zoom session with the Workshop Welcome, the Awards Session, lightning talks and oral presentations with fruitful discussions (also by using the build-in chat function) went very smooth. We apologise for the technical errors with the individual poster sessions in the afternoon that started with a delay of 30 minutes and did work for most but not all poster authors. We would thus like to repeat the individual poster sessions on November 19 to really give all poster authors the opportunity to discuss their work. We will update all workshop delegates and BayCEER members about this event soon.

BayCEER Workshop Award winners for posters...

1. Ryan Bartnick (Soil Ecology) with co-authors Nele Meyer and Eva Lehndorff for his poster: P 3.12 Effect of soil moisture on microbial community and nutrient immobilization in ARD affected soils

2. Steve Kwatcho Kengdo (Soil Ecology) with co-authors Jacob Heinzle, Ye Tian, Carolina Urbina Malo, Shi Chupei, Andreas Schindlbacher, Wolfgang Wanek and Werner Borken for his poster: P 3.9 Warming effects on fine root biomass, morphology, and decomposition in a mountainous forest soil

3. Humay Rahimova (Soil Ecology) wih co-authors R. Mörchen, Nele Meyer and Eva Lehndorff for her poster: P 3.11 Tracing Sources of Organic Matter in the Atacama Desert using Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

and talks...

 1. Qiong Liu (Agroecology) for her talk: O 1.2 Alternate wet-drying rather than sulfate fertilization controlled pathways of methanogenesis and methane turnover in a rice-straw-amended paddy soil

2. Shubhi Arora (Atmospheric Chemistry) with co-authors Anke Nölscher, Christoph Thomas, Cyrus Samimi and Seyed Omid Nabavi for her talk: O 1.5 Analysis of O3, NO and NO2 measured at characteristically varied locations in Bayreuth

3. Gregor Mathes (Sports Ecology) with co-authors Jeroen van Dijk, Wolfgang Kießling, Manuel Steinbauer for his talk: O 2.4 Extinction risk controlled by climate interactions

3. Saeed Akhtar Khan (Geomorphology) with co-authors Kim André Vanselow, Oliver Sass, Cyrus Samimi for his talk: O 2.6 Spatiotemporal analysis of change in Landsat time series in the eastern Hindu Kush region

and Early Career Research Awards for outstanding achievements graded with "Summa cum laude" during their PhD research...

Johannes Besold (Environmental Geochemistry) Influences of Reduced Sulfur on Arsenic and Antimony Mobility and Binding to Natural Organic Matter

Carolin F. Kerl (Environmental Geochemistry) Importance of Thioarsenates for Rice Plants (O 1.1)

Jana Müller (Plant Genetics) Molekulare und physiologische Charakterisierung der Überlebensstrategie von Wildpflanzen der Brassicaceae bei Überflutung


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