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Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence Annual Conference 2022


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01Opening session. Keynote: Rey Chow, The Jargon of Liberal Democracy [Details]Ivo Ritzer (Moderator)
02Keynote: Mehdi Belhaj Kacem, Le transcendental mimétique [Details]Ute Fendler, Patrice Mwepu (Moderator)
03The Body as Medium. Negotiated Memories by African and Afro-Brazilian Women Artists [Details]Viviane de Freitas, Jonas do Nascimento
04Medialité et (In)sécurité au Sahel [Details]Yacouba Banhoro
05The Circulation of in-formation. Conceptualizing and experimenting with medialities [Details]Joschka Philipps, JRG "Politics of the Unknown"
06Medialities in the Regulation of State Crisis in Africa Interrogating the Institution of Expert Groups for Political Reforms in Mali, Guinee and Burkina Faso [Details]Natewinde Sawadogo
07Memorializing Encampment. Mediating camp memories through museums, exhibitions, monuments and cemeteries [Details]Jochen Lingelbach
08Mediating African urban complex systems towards sustainability transition [Details]Nelson Odume
09Film Launch: When Women Speak: A Documentary About Struggle, Sacrifice, Sisterhood, Freedom (2022) [Details]Christine Vogt-William (Chair of the Round Table)
10Augmented Island Topographies: Performing Alternative Imaginaries [Details]Ute Fendler, Clarissa Vierke
11Keynote: Reuben Abati [Details]Nelson Odume (Moderator)
12Mediated Landscapes I [Details]Christine Hanke, Henriette Gunkel
13The language of sex and sexualities for political communication in social movements in Africa [Details]Serawit B. Debele, Sharon A. Omotoso
14Mediated Landscapes II [Details]Christine Hanke, Henriette Gunkel
15Mediating between the THEN & NOW: technologies, practices and logics of narrating the (immediate) past [Details]Cassandra Mark-Thiesen
16Buzz Session „Digital Solutions“ @ Cluster Conference 2022 [Details]Anke Schürer-Ries, Alexandra Kuhnke
17Popular culture as Learning Event: Identity Making as a Performative Act in Africa and its Diasporas [Details]Hassan Ndzovu, Britta Frede
18Round Table: Decolonising African Media Studies [Details]Christine Vogt-William (Round Table moderation)
19Screening with post-film discussion:
Taiwo Shango: Der 2. Tag nach dem Tod [The Second Day After the Death] (BR, WDR, NTS, 1965)
Christine Matzke
20Medialities, Aesthetics and Materiality in Comics and Popular Visuals Arts [Details]Maroua El Naggare, Ute Fendler
21Round Table: Overheated medialities Moral outrage in the attention economy [Details]Joschka Philipps, Kingsley Jima
22Modalities in Life Writing [Details]Livio Sansone
23Medialities and cultural realities: Lessons from Cameroon’s anti-COVID19 campaign [Details]Endurence Dissake
24Literature as a Medium: From the Ideal to the Empirical [Details]Patrice Mwepu
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