Boundary Layer Experiment on the Tibetan Plateau

Nam Co 2012

From 07/2012 to 07/2012

Experiment manager: Thomas Foken, Hans-F. Graf, Yaoming Ma
Staff: Wolfgang Babel, Kathrin Fuchs, Tobias Gerken

During July 2012 the University of Bayreuth conducted in cooperation with the University of Cambridge and the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research (Chinese Academy of Science - CAS) an experiment at Nam Co Lake on the Tibetan Plateau within the framework of the DFG-Priority Programme 1372: Tibetan Plateau Research (TiP)

Nam Co Lake is located approx. 150 km north of Lhasa at an altitude of 4730 m above sea level and is the second larges saline lake on the Tibetan Plateau. The experiment was conducted at the Nam Co Lake Research station operated by ITP-CAS.

The goal of the experiment was to gather information about the interactions between surface and atmosphere above with a special focus on vertical profiles of temperature and humidity. Therfore radiosondes were launched.


Pictures: Radiosonde preparation and launch at Nam Co Lake

The data collected at Nam Co Lake will now be used for the determination of atmospheric boundary-layer heights and the initialisation of the high-resolution model ATHAM (Active Tracer High-resolution Model, which is used and developed at the University of Cambridge. 


Picture: Sunset at Nam Co Lake

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