Young Scientist Workshops

Working Meeting in Göttingen

From November 9th-12th the Atmosphere Ecology Glaciology Cluster organized a meeting in Göttingen, Germany. The Participant worked close together within the cluster and during the common field campaign in Kema, summer 2010.  The aim of this meeting was to present results from the field season 2010, and to identify fields of common interest. From these presentations and discussions a common strategy of data exchange and cooperation was developed.

Workshop on “Scaling problems in the carbon and water cycle”

After the first workshop took place in Göttingen the PhD Students and mater students of the AEG Cluster meet for their 2nd workshop from 14-18.03.11 in Bayreuth.

In interdisciplinary projects measurements are usually conducted on different temporal and spatial scales. Especially the combination of atmospheric flux measurements with fluxes measured in the soil pose a challenge. If vegetation dynamics and land use change are also of interest, new temporal scales are added and problems arise. The goal of the workshop was to discuss the characteristics of these scaling problems in respect to the C and H2O cycle. Therefore the talks concerning in the field of micrometeorology, soil science, hydrology and plant ecology were given.

The first talk concerning the atmospheric part of the C cycle was given by Prof. Thomas Foken (Univ. of Bayreuth, Dept. Micrometeorology). Prof. Georg Guggenberger (Leibniz Universität Hannover, Institute of Soil science) gave a talk about soil organic matter pools

and Dr. Bernhard Schuldt (Univ. Göttingen Institute of Plant ecology) about the plant water cycle in respect to altitude gradients. On the second day of the workshop Prof. Thomas Foken focused more on the scaling problems. Prof. Yakov Kuzyakov (Univ. of Bayreuth, Dept. AgroEcoSystemResearch) pointed out the connection between Photosynthesis and CO2 efflux from soil.

During the second part of the workshop the PhD Student discussed the scaling problems using Data measured during the field campaign in Tibet 2010. Working techniques were explained and exchanged, enabling the Phd Students to start a common data analysis.

The excursion during the workshop went to the BayCEER Experimental site at Waldstein and the mountains Rudolfstein, Schneeberg and Nusshardt in the Fichtelgebirge.

Vortrag_YS_WS_BT Vortrag_YS_WS_BT_2 Workshop_YS_WS_BT

Gruppenbild_YS_WS_BT drei_brüder_fels rudolfstein

Working Meeting in Marburg

From March 20th-22th the Atmosphere Ecology Glaciology (AEG) Cluster organized a meeting in Marburg, Germany. The Participant worked close together within the cluster and during the field campaigns in Kema and Xinghai in summers of 2009, 10 and 11. The aim of the current meeting was to give an overview of the results from former field campaigns and to coordinate measurements and experiments for the coming ones. During this meeting prior versions of two joint publications have been advanced. Meetings with representatives from other scientific groups working in Tibet (PaDeMoS) strengthened the collaborations and rised new interesting scientific questions.

Kobresia Workshop 2012

After the great success of former workshops in Göttingen and Bayreuth, PhD students and master students of the AEG Cluster meet for their 3nd workshop from 20-22.03.11 in Marburg, based on the PI meeting at the 19th of March.

As a stable basement for discussions, participants presented their results from former field works and their plans for the coming campaign.

Elke Seeber:  Influence of biotic and abiotic factors on the Kobresia ecosystem on the Tibetan Plateau

Lena Becker: Suberin and Cutin as biomarkers for landuse changes in grazing ecosystems

Per Schleuss: Carbon stocks and dynamics in Kobresia ecosystems depending on grazing

Sandra Willinghöfer, Heinz Coners:  Hydrology of Kobresia pygmaea under varying environmental conditions

Tobias Biermann: Surface-atmosphere exchange measurements

Laura Steingräber:  Morphological and hydrological characterization of Kobresia root mats

The following discussions included the topics: a) joint publications, b) coordination of the field campaign 2012, c) organization of measurement equipment and d) cooperation.

TiP_MArburg_2012_a TiP_Marburg_2012_c TiP_MArburg_2012_b TiP_MArburg_2012_gruppenbild

From left to right: Lena and Paulien Becker giving their talk about biomarkers, Heinz Coners explaining new measurement techniques, discussion of the joint projects, group picture of the AEG Cluster together with PaDeMoS representatives

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