Manfred Buchroithner: Publications

Maussion, F; Yang, W; Huintjes, E; Pieczonka, T; Scherer, D; Yao, T; Kang, S; Bolch, T; Buchroithner, M; Schneider, C: Glaciological field studies at Zhadang Glacier (5500-6095m), Tibetan Plateau in Tijm-Reijmer, CH and Oerlemans, J: IASC Workshop on the use of automated measuring systems on glaciers - Extended abstracts and recommendations, 23-26 (2011) [Link]
Bolch, T; Yao, T; Kang, S; Buchroithner, M; Scherer, D; Huintjes, E; Schneider, C: A glacier inventory for the western Nyainqentanglha Range and Nam Co Basin, Tibet, and glacier changes 1976-2009, The Cryosphere, 4, 419-433 (2010)