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Juniorprofessur Atmosphärische Chemie - Prof. Dr. Anke Nölscher

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Do. 24.11.2011 (17:00-18:30)BayCEER-Kolloquium: Environmental fate of organic contaminants in the marine environment - the same story as in rivers and lakes? [Details]
Do. 17.11.2011 (17:00-18:30)BayCEER-Kolloquium: Climatic factors driving disease vector invasions in Europe: the tiger mosquito spread and other cases [Details]
Do. 10.11.2011 (17:00-18:30)BayCEER-Kolloquium: Waterproof Plants: escape or quiescence [Details]
Do. 27.10.2011 (17:00-18:30)BayCEER-Kolloquium: Putting Constraints on the Life Cycle of Reactive Organic Carbon based on Ecosystem Scale Flux Measurements [Details]
Do. 21.07.2011 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER-Kolloquium: Intercropping Maize and Kura Clover (Trifolium): A sustainable System for Feed and Biofuel Production [Details]
Do. 30.06.2011 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER-Kolloquium: Klimawandel und Extremereignisse - Eine statistische Perspektive [Details]
Do. 16.06.2011 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER-Kolloquium: ABSAGE wegen Krankheit [Details]
Do. 09.06.2011 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER-Kolloquium: Controls on carbon flows and seasonal biomass dynamics in grassland ecosystems from tropical to sub arctic/alpine regions [Details]
Do. 26.05.2011 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER-Kolloquium: Only one isotopic water world: relevant processes at the soil-vegetation-atmosphere interface [Details]
Do. 19.05.2011 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER-Kolloquium: Experimental assessment of climate change effects on soil C - lessons from a manipulation experiment in Achenkirch, Austria [Details]
Do. 12.05.2011 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER-Kolloquium: Stabile Isotope in Jahrringen bieten mehr als nur Daten zur Klimarekonstruktion. Eine ökophysiologische Betrachtungsweise [Details]
Do. 05.05.2011 (15:15-16:00)BayCEER-Kolloquium: Stopping the Clock? Dynamics and Legacies of New Zealand's Initial Burning Period [Details]
Fr. 11.02.2011 (10:15-11:45)BayCEER-Kolloquium: A reconstruction of Palaeo-Macaronesia, with particular reference to the long-term biogeography of the Atlantic island laurel forests [Details]
Do. 10.02.2011 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER-Kolloquium: Das geoökologische Projekt Donana-Nationalpark (Spanien) [Details]
Do. 03.02.2011 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER-Kolloquium: On the rise (and the fall) of the ecosystem service concept [Details]
Do. 27.01.2011 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER-Kolloquium: Hydrological processes revealed by high-frequency chemical dynamics spanning the periodic table [Details]
Do. 20.01.2011 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER-Kolloquium: Do microbe-habitat interactions affect the relationship between microbial diversity and carbon dynamics in soil? [Details]
Do. 09.12.2010 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER-Kolloquium: Farbpräferenzen von blütenbesuchenden Bienen und Schwebfliegen [Details]
Do. 25.11.2010 (15:45-17:00)BayCEER-Kolloquium: Sulfate-reducing microorganisms in low-sulfate peatlands: overlooked key players in the interwined biogeochemical cycles of peat soils? [Details]
Do. 18.11.2010 (16:15-17:45)BayCEER-Kolloquium: Impact of microbial activity on arsenic reduction, mobilization and sequestration at the mineral-solution interface [Details]
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