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Ecology of aphids in relation to ecosystem processes (DOC, DON-flows) in an oak-beech forest stand


From 01/1998 to 12/2000

Principal Investigator: Bernhard Stadler
Staff: Beate Michalzik
Grant: 0339476 C Grundlagen zur nachhaltigen Entwicklung von Ökosystemen bei veränderter Umwelt

Different types of herbivores (aphids, folivores) were investigated in a beech/oak forests for their effect on the population dynamics of micro-organisms (bacteria, yeasts, filamentous fungi) in the phyllosphere of trees and for their effects on throughfall chemistry. The most important results are: 1. All types of herbivores promote the growth of epiphytic micro-organisms on leaves. 2. Micro-organisms on spruce, beech and oak seem to be energy limited. 3. Exsudates of needles and leaves of infested trees show higher concentrations of DOC and lower concentrations of NH4-N, NO3-N, relative to uninfested trees. 4. The population dynamics of herbivores and micro-organisms affect throughfall chemistry (i.e. lower concentrations of NH4-N and NO3-N underneath infested trees). 5. The origin of DON in the throughfall remains unclear.

List of publications of this Project

Stadler, B; Solinger, St; Michalzik, B: Insect herbivores and the nutrient flow from the canopy to the soil in coniferous and deciduous forests, Oecologia, 126, 104-113 (2001) -- Details
Stadler, B; Müller, T; Sheppard, L; Crossley, A: Effects of <i>Elatobium abietinum</i> on nutrient fluxes in Sitka spruce canopies receiving elevated nitrogen and sulphur deposition, Agricultural and Forest Entomology, 3, 253-261 (2001) -- Details
Stadler, B: Insektenökologie: Ein ökosystemarer Ansatz, Forstarchiv, 72, 124-130 (2001)
Stadler, B; Müller, T: Effects of aphids and moth caterpillars on epiphytic microorganisms in canopies of forest trees, Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 30, 631-638 (2000) -- Details
Stadler, B; Michalzik, B: Effects of phytophagous insects on micro-organisms and throughfall chemistry in forested ecosystems: herbivores as switches for the nutrient dynamics in the canopy., Basic and Applied Ecology, 1, 109-116 (2000) -- Details
Stadler, B; Michalzik, B: The impact of spruce aphids on nutrient flows in the canopy of Norway spruce, Agricultural and Forest Entomology, 1, 3-9 (1999) -- Details
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Stadler, B; Dixon, AFG: Ant attendance in aphids: why different degrees of myrmecophily?, Ecological Entomology, 24, 363-369 (1999) -- Details
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